kits from from "luckyearlybird" on ebay...

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Neo2172, May 19, 2009.

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    Can't say, have no experience with them but for my money I don't go with anyone with a 97.8 feedback and 2 negs in the last month. My lower end tolerance is about 99.9.
    Besides too many good dealers out there at or near 100%.
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    The kit looks fine,except for the throttle(the chrome on these wears off) & the 2 complaints are towards the lower end of the scale.They sell spares so that's good.
    Make an offer if your interested & see what they say.
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    I personally take ebay feedback with a grain of salt. I see all to often that if something as trivial as a screw is missing the buyer will give negative feedback before they even contact the seller.

    Here is an example of this sellers feedback...

    "Low grade kits, tried working with them. They sent me half of what was wrong...."
    Follow-up by fattirebros (May-01-09 16:12):
    Seller went out of her way to make things right.Will buy from again.Thanks......"

    See what I am getting at? So this seller gets a negative mark, but now the buyer is happy and will purchase again.

    Now I am not saying purchase from a seller who has sold 10 things and has 5 negative marks. But do take a good look at the negative feedback and see if its justified

    *** With that being said I think I will bite the bullet and make an offer on one :)***
  5. bamabikeguy

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    I'll give you a few reasons why you should NOT get a flybyebay engine kit.

    As the forums have matured, many suppliers have gotten on board. Saving $10-50 through bidding may seem like a good thing at the beginning, then getting free advise on the forum to make up for kit deficiencies may cost you money in the long run.

    But the sponsors are paying for space that allows the free advise to happen.

    You are going to save money on gas irregardless of which you choose, if you buy from one of our sponsors, it will take you an extra couple of weeks.

    By using somebody that is already established on the forum, they most likely have already fixed kit deficiencies, like better bolts, better mufflers, more secure shipping containers. Then when you install a kit, and detect something wrong, ESPECIALLY a manufacturing error, you help the sponsor by notifying him, so he can correct it.

    A sponsor will fix things quicker, because they want to keep a good reputation. They won't make you a whiz bang mechanic, but chances are you'll get a lot better ride by following their advise.

    A sponsor would also know more about his kit on your model of bike, while "flybyseatofpants" could care less what frame you use.

    Finally, everybody on a motorized bike will tell you that your social life, talking to absolute strangers, is going to increase at every stop. "Where'd you buy it?" the 2nd or 3rd question. "I dunno" would be the e-bay answer, while using one of the sponsors, you know the first name of the owner.

    Buy local is my motto.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    bamabikeguy's reasoning seems pretty convincing to me.

    Let's definitely try to support those who support this forum.
  7. Happy Valley

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    Hey, it's your money. With mine, I don't buy it, been there done that and I'll play percentages. Too many good sellers out there and as mentioned many right here as sponsors.
  8. kitcarguy

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    But you are making it sound like if they are not a sponsor here they are no good. :grin5:

    I am not saying go out and buy it based on what I think. All I am saying is take a good look at the feedback that is left. The eBay feedback system has always been flawed. I have bough/sold on Ebay since 2000 and its always sucked.

    Make your own decision

  9. Waterfowl

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    They are not specifically talking about Ebay. These guys have first hand knowledge about these kits. Whether or not they sell them on ebay. If you buy a cheap kit the majority of people on here say that you will have problems. It's not an opinion coming from the guys responding to you. Its from their experience.
  10. bamabikeguy

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    A few weeks ago, some Aussies were talking about "why not" casting their own cylinders. After all, the Chinese ripped off a Russian design. It takes research, development and sales to think ahead like that.

    The future is looking bright, and the engines are going to get more reliable through feedback then upgrades.

    But, without the forums, many of these bikes would sit useless in basements, a waste of time and money.

    Anybody who googles it hits the forums nowadays, and while we don't know what the background of the cheapie retailers is (mafia????), the sponsors not only come on board, but send many of their customers here, to join and give free advise.

    Just saying, I'd rather pay a "Joe I know" a bit more, so he can expand, than a Don Corleone who smuggles engines in at night from slave camps in Mongolia.
  11. Happy Valley

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    Actually no, that's reading into it.
    Consider it this way, sponsors here have their reps to live up to, have a stake in the game, and when they're tested if they don't pan out they hear about it.....plenty.
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    If you want cheap, I'll sell you 2 young billy goats and 20 foot of rope to make a harness, less than $100 bucks.

    It will locomote your bicycle, I guarantee that. Which direction and how smoothly are entirely up to the user.

    But don't get a goat, get a dang stallion like some of the MBer's are talking about.

    In the end, the whole industry needs to convert into a "sport", and to be a sport, there has to be gambling and odds and bookmakers and such.

    Get running with the horses instead of grazing with the goats !!!
  13. Flapdoodle

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    I got shafted on eBay for a non-bike related purchase. The guy was a real crook. The feedback thingy refused to allow me to make a negative feedback. Worst I could give was neutral feedback. After that, I decided the buyer feedback was next to worthless.

    Now I look to see what the buyers type in to the feedback and hope for the best.
  14. HoughMade

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    For me, it's about knowing where you can find the seller, either physically or virtually. Is he out there talking about his products? Is the seller an enthusiast in these things or is he selling these...and whatever else came out of the container? Has he actually built and ridden from his own product? I have heard too many people telling stories of not being able to contact the seller, not getting what they order, not getting any support. No thanks.

    Are there sellers who are not sponsors here that would fit my requirements? Very likely yes....but how do you find them? How do you know? Here, you can get that information and background...and if the seller is active here, then, more than likely, they will be a sponsor.

    So, does not being a sponsor at MBc make a seller untrustworty? Of course not, but it is tougher to check their background. If you have other means (besides eBay feedback given, in 99% of the time before the engine has even run) of checking the seller out- go for it. It will probably work out. Conversely, does being an MBc sponsor make a retailer 100% great, knowledgeable and honest? Nope, but if they are not...someone here will make it clear to the rest of us and the facts will be easy to find.

    As for me, $10, $20, or even $50 or $80 is not worth the risk of dealing with an unknown. My time is worth much more and dealing with problems will easily eat up what you initially think are savings.
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  15. s_beaudry

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    Very nicely said HoughMade...

    The only thing you have to protect you from buying from them on Ebay is using Paypal and opening a dispute is something goes wrong.

    Personally I do not buy anything from Ebay unless they have a full 100% rating... but with that said, I think you will easily find more then a few sponsers here with kits at that same price and a ton of feedback here on the site to show you how reputable they are and the service they provide.
  16. kitcarguy

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    Just out of curiosity can you tell me any sponsors here that have the "80cc" kit for $125 with free shipping?

  17. xaj007

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    there is a horror story about a sale gone south in here,hence let the buyer beware
  18. bamabikeguy

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    Most consider a BARGAIN to be something acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer.

    From what I've read here, not only is there no such thing as an "80 cc", there are 12 or more plants in China offering identical units of various quality.

    Lowest price is just one factor.

    "Fair price" is the agreement that is the best target, for the engine and the service that backs it up.

    And again, from what I've read here, some sellers don't just bring in boxes and resell them un-opened, but replace the weaker parts or add modifications they've found reduce customer complaints.

    None are out of the ball-park price gougers. That would not be "fair" either.

    "Into the bargain" is their presence here, above and beyond the contract.
  19. Porkchop

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    I have not dealt with them personnaly, but I would like to say this. Be carefule on eBay. I shopped extensively for a motor there. I still do just about everyday just to see what's on the market. If you shop long enough, you'll see that a lot of the sellers seem to have pretty much the same auction set up. Same 'ole cock and bull descriptions that aren't accurate, and the photos don't match the description. Some of the cheaper priced kits seem to be more interested in posting photos of a completed bike than they are what they're actually selling. I personally think some of the sellers on eBay are the same person with different user names. And why do they keep bidders identities a secret ?
    I have contacted several sellers to find out actually what they'er selling. What's listed or what's showing in the photos. I always get the some 'ole song and dance about they haven't had time to update their auctions or web sites. I think 2 or 3 months is enough time for a respectful vendor to get their ducks in a row. Especially when they say customers tell them a lot about the photos and description don't match.
    I bought a Grubee from a respectful dealer, but then again, what I received was what was in the written description, not the photos !
    To make a long story short, I'm not saying don't buy from them. You might want to contact that seller and find out exactly what's in the kit. Is the kit as described in the written description, what's in the photos or a combination. I'm familiar with the vendor you posted. At least their auctions anyway. They're one of the ones I'd say are wishy washy ! Not bad mouthing them, just trying to help someone keep form being ripped off ! Do your home work and be careful !
  20. loquin

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    As other have said, buyer beware...

    Since I can't look at his IP address on EBay, I cannot say this for sure, but, this seller has all the earmarks of being a reincarnation of the seller formerly known as RevolutionCycles ... (take a look at our vendor ratings thread)

    RevolutionCycles seems to keep at least two seller names active at once on EBay, and when EBay shuts down one of them, he keeps selling under the other name, then quietly opens another seller account...