has anyone bought a kit from these people on ebay. they are the cheepest kit i have seen so far. i want to see if this is the same as the dax kit because i am deciding between the too.
depends on the seller

it all depends on the seller I have bought twice (so far 8) ) from dax
and his ads start like this "BICYCLE ENGINE KIT 70cc SCOOTER MOPED BIKE WOW!!!!!!" you have to wait a little for your stuff but it is way better quality than some son-in-law bought a kit and motor mount, long exhaust n some other stuff from a guy here in arizona (livefast) because he could get it right away (just a 1/2 hr drive) but the kit was way inferior in my humble opinion cheaper intake ,carb,...etc just a poorer quality casting overall and he has a had a lot of issues with broken motor mount studds and cdi/spark hassles I suspect caused by vibration his shakes a lot more than mine ...and I have ridden mine harder and alot more miles than him
a little long winded but you get where I am coming from and my son in law will order from dax in future

thanks for the info. i will probly order form dax. how ling does the shipping take from dax.
do a ebay search

if you copy the quote from my last message into the ebay search box at the top of the page you might get it cheaper ...then yo can buy more stuff with the $ you save 8) 8)
oh yeah...

Duane only ships once a week and it usually takes ten working days (2 weeks)to ship but the wait is worth it in less probs with what you pay good money for


ps I hope I don't sound like a salesman ...I hate salesmen :p :p
i own only the one engine, so i'm no help on comparisons, but i have no problem recommending dax...great price, slow ship, marvelous engine/kit, excellent warranty & customer service, overall a really good guy to do business with 8)
I bought my motor kit from Dax off of ebay. I have not got it on my bike yet (rounding up more accessories for my bike), but it look like everything they say it is.
my motor is from ebay and it run quite fine vibrations can be caused from many things like not lining up the motor properlky etc

personally i have had my motor now for 4 months and have had no problem with my chinesse 70-80cc like some mentioned with the money that i saved i can afford to buy more parts for my bike and still have change to buy rebuild parts for the motor is it does go bung

if i remember right dax has a step to the front of the line in shipping orders but it cost about 50 bucks more but he will ship it out the next business day or wait around for it the other way im impatint so i opted for the fast shipping but ive had a few engines and i think daxes is a better version just my opinion larry ca