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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by suspect, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. suspect

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    howzit, im from NewZealand, i have a biltema beach cruiser (which i unfortunately dont have a ready picture of)

    ...aand have just purchased a chinese stretch cruiser that is destined for chopping and rearranging.
    which im going to pick up this afternoon.
    neither have motors as yet, but i will acquire and assemble forthwith and forthright.

  2. ENO

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    Hey Sus..Eno (Down Under)..Sorry for the slow response to welcome you to Mbc...You must have the gear now as you were getting it on the 3rd..Lots of Kiwi members here who have awesome builds and lots of expert help..get those pics up as you go...Good luck and chop chop chop..Eno
  3. suspect

    suspect Member

    i stripped it painted the frame and those godawful flames on the tyres mat black, i made a sadly abortive attempt to create my own 'redwall' tyres to cover those design abortions, the finish result looked good, but peeled off quickly as, i used vinyl dye, which i hoped would bond to the rubber, it didnt, and is in anycase not flexible(its not really dye either).

    researching online i heard that a simple sharpie paint pen will work, and also have found a flexible rubber paint used to insulate electronics(probably too costly) and finally there is a type of paint used on rubber dinghys.. again probably too expensive, if anyone else has any ideas let me know, im keen to try almost anything, the red looked really good on the wheel, im actually tempted to just use regular spraypaint, the black seems to be holding up ok..

    so yeh, ive stuck it back together, sans the seat, which i also may just paint black or red, and am waiting til my brother gets here to use the mini compressor in his car to pump my tyres(im buggered if im gunna persevere with the hand pump, i strongly suspect its not working at all) the paint job ive done isnt the greatest, its already scratched off in places, but im ok with that, i only intended to do a halfass job of it as it may well be getting stripped for welding in the next few weeks, and i like the ratty look anyway :)

  4. suspect

    suspect Member

    here is crappy pic taken 10 mins ago, shocking i know, but a phone is all i have currently, this was the only one worth post of the ones i took.
  5. bangbang880

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    i just (today)saw online somewhere that there are special pens that write on tires. For tires. I cant recall where. but maybe give it a google.