KMC Extreme Freestyle Chain


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Aug 17, 2008
kmc chain warning

So I read the wonders of the KMC 1/2 x 1/8 freestyle chains and how they reduce noise and don't stretch. Great. The stock chain with my happytime doesn't fit any chain tool I own so working with it is a pain. So I go out and buy a heavy duty KMC freestyle z710 chain. Doesn't fit. Some more searching and I see there are two driver sprocket sizes used in happytimes. Oops. This is after I happily took the bolt cutters to my old chain. Guess I'll be without a bike until the new driver comes in.


Hot Dog Piggy Tails

hey guy with the kmc 710 go to ace hardware and get a 42 chain master link and pound it through a hair grind it and be done(use old chain of course)