Kona Special

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by smurfer, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. smurfer

    smurfer Guest

    EDIT: smurfer is having probs with his pics, stay tuned. augidog

  2. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    wow those bikes are so cool. I like the front suspension. The surfboard cart is just great.
  3. smurfer

    smurfer Guest

    Thank you for the kind words Tom if you like those check this one out.

    EDIT: smurfer is having probs with his pics, stay tuned. augidog
  4. Very cool bikes Smurfer.
    What a cool way to get your surf board to the beach.
    Love the full susp. dirt bike.
  5. smurfer

    smurfer Guest

    Thanks man, that bike was almost a failer from the begining. I used to race 250cc dirt bikes, I was a district 37 member and did Baja a few times and I was determinded to get this bike a full MX'rer that's when I had to use motorcycle technology and apply it to this bike. I ride the Santa Monica mtns and take trails to Malibu I may even do a Rock Store run tomorrow.
  6. gone_fishin

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    nice, nice, NICE work, smurfer 8)

    you know i dig the classic look, & i think you've got it down.

    ?: would you mind sharing the trailer-hitch & spring-loaded idler details with us? also, you see i have a tall frame...where would a guy, on a very tight budget, find a basic front suspension fork to fit the long headset?
  7. Cookie

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    Those electra beach crusers are classic
  8. smurfer

    smurfer Guest

    Augidog, you have sharp eyes that was a dis-combobulated chain tensioner I had to rig for the bike. It's a brake spring I connected to my fabricated chain tensioning system for the GT LTS bike REMEMBER I have two counter forces working against me. The right side drive train is big cog to little cog. The left side is little cog to big cog so when the suspension compress's the right side chain would tighten while the left side chain would loosin. So in theary and in real life this just didn't work, chains would fall off or bind in some matter breaking off part of your casings which by the way is part of the clutch cover casing..... So the reason for the derailleur, longer chain with tension. So now you know what I'm talk'in bout, it just keeps going on & on. And it's still not 100% to my liking for serious jumping.

    The hitch was a little tricky too,

    EDIT: smurfer is having probs with his pics, stay tuned. augidog

    I had to com-bob-bulate a new design and that's where the Hein joint came into play, it will allow you to turn at a certain degree but the trailer will never tip over...up & down... side to side to a certain degree. The flat bar was purchased at Orchard Supply along with all the hardware. I have a 155 Amp Lincoln Mig welder to build all of my bike stuff. The front fork is by RST here is the link on where to get it theyre under 100 bucks with the steerer stem you have to order those with the fork they come in different sizes so you will have to find your size. You might also want to get another headset if your lower bearing race on the forks don't fit you need a lower race for a 1" steerer tube sometimes you can use what you already have or make your own shim like I did for that other black bike in the last pic.

    Cookie thanks for the comp as much as I like the Electra the other bike imo is a better bike for the motor. The bike is built by F&R bicycles and the quality is just as good if not better than the older Schwinns and Electra's not to mention it's almost 200 dollars cheaper than the Electra. S2 rims with thick ass spokes heavy duty seats along with high tensil steel frames and out of all the cheapo bikes these are not cheapo's built very solid.
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  9. gone_fishin

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    very cool, smurfer...i had in mind to use a small automotive tie-rod end in pursuit of the same freedom of movement.