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    Hey folks! Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself.
    Name is Mike. I just moved to Japan a couple months ago for the second time. I'm in the Navy stationed in Atsugi. Basically I joined up to first of all get some info, support and advice and options on my first MB purchase before I actually make a purchase. I have been looking at these for about a year now but am afraid to just jump the gun and end up with something crappy.
    I am geared toward a 4 stroke just for the fact that they can be run longer and no mixing. also want a bigger engine like an 80cc. I am hesitant to buy a DIY motor kit for my 61 Schwinn Corvette because I am not wanting to weld or chop anything and also fitment issues, although I think it would be nice with the 3 speed Stumey Archer hub (again, not sure an if this is even possible).
    Two of the all inclusive kits I have been looking at were the Spooky Tooth Stealth at 685.00 and the Helio beach cruiser at about 599.00.
    Any thoughts?? Again, I am not opposed to building up my vette, but it is a classic and I'd rather not do anything damaging to it.

    Thanks and looking forward to the comments.

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    wow that Solo is siick!
    Thanks for the advice so far!! :bowdown:
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    ...who says? Latest news I have is they are under new ownership and it's just taking more time to get back up than anticipated.

    Plus there are new ads for the Spring Death Race sponsored by Spooky Tooth here and on their site.
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    Another Question, If I have the wife scour the Japan classifieds for that Solo and find one in non working condition what are the aftermarket options and basic parts support? It's a CUB engine? same as the passport scooter? So want.