Koolwhizzer drum brake



Hey guys
a while ago i purchased a drum brake hub from ebayer called Koolwhizzer...finally got my wheel built out, and hooked it up, and i gotta tell you...real nice. It stops me quick, looks cool, takes .105 guage spokes and keeps the bike looking period...i hate the look of cantilever brakes on moto-bikes...anyway, he has lots of em for sale i guess, and it cost me 75 bucks...plus 36 bucks in spokes and 60 in labor...but check em out if you are looking for a good drum brake...they are NOS arai drum brakes that were originally intended for use on tandems ( tandems shouldn't use rim brakes) I ll post pics tomorrow, but it comes highly recommended
Have you posted pictures yet?

Just saw your post on the whizzer drum brake. Have youposted pictures yet and where? Also wondered what the site waz where you bought them?
hey there, ok ive been way slacking on the pictures...my bad, especially since ive added new forks, wheels and brakes, i need to do that...but anyway you can get them on e bay, he currently has two for sale on the board Item number: 300253723151 just do an e bay search and you will find them...pics soon