Bike Security Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit mini + cable vs full size

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  1. Hello

    I am just starting my first MB project and know that security is going to be a big concern. I have gotten permission (at least for the time being) to lock up my bike indoors relatively close to my office which is good, but I still want to securely lock it and be able to lock it anywhere else I go.

    I bought a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit lock from amazon since there's not really anything better out there. However the listing didn't say anything about it being the MINI version (6" vs 8" i've come to find out) It did list the model number which I should have looked up but I saw other "mini" listings and assumed it was the bigger one. I'm using it on a beach cruiser and if I lock it around the frame and rear wheel it only has like .5-1" of space left which means I can't actually lock it to anything without yet another kryptonite lock. However I also have a cheap kryptonite cable lock. So I'm looking for your guys experienced opinion. Should I use the cable lock to lock up the wheels to the frame (just barely fits) and the mini to lock the frame to a bar or should I return the mini and get the full size version?

    If you give an answer please say why you have that opinion. Thank you all.

    I don't know how much of a difference those ~2" would make to locking it to something. It still might not be big enough without using multiple locks. I'll take pictures of fittings if needed.

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    Lock is only as good as the weakest link, cables are the weakest link. Today with battery operated makitas no lock is safe I'm afraid. My opinion is to use a good quality cable lock with a ulock to back it up. Then an alarm to scare them away. Nothing can make up for using common sense though. History shows us to keep these things inside and not just on the porch or anywhere outside of the home. If you look at the stolen threads most were stolen at the house by a neighbor who wanted the bike without paying for it.
  3. Well considering I'm not locking the u lock to the cable lock, there's really no link between them... I was more curious to see if anyone had one of the locks and thought there was a appreciable difference in size between them.
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    A good method of double securing your ride is to install the bike with a GPS tracker and double that up with a small self contained spy camera attached to the ceiling/roof space taking video of your bike for the time that it is locked up.

    This allows you to

    a) know the thief by image and voice
    b) know where the bike was taken
    c) allows the police or yourself to have a quiet and friendly (or not so quiet and friendly) chat with the thief.
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    You might want to take a trip to a motorcycle dealer and see what they have in the way of locking up motorcycles. I have a large multi-dealership by my house that has a very large accessory/parts department inside it. Usually Harley-Davidson dealerships has a small accessory department if you can't find a multi-dealership. Then again there is always the large online store...