Kudos to Dimension Edge

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Happy Valley, Apr 28, 2009.

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    The folks at bikemotor.com really deserve a mention for thinking things through. I have to say the DE friction drive kit is quickly becoming my favorite, and I've actually have it mounted on a bike and ridden it!

    The shift on the fly feature is really smooth once set-up properly and is the only true freewheel friction drive kit I know of one the market. The ability to freewheel whenever one wants is a great feature, the entire drive assembly raises slightly off the tire with ease from the cable control and lever.

    The ability to swap out drive spindles in about 2 minutes and the 6 sizes from 7/8" to 1 3/4" that are included with the kit cover multiple gearing options. The all weather spindle is the only friction drive roller I know that works well in the rain and the urethane and turned wooden rollers complete the choices.
    I'm seeing the wisdom in the wooden rollers during these last few days here in the hot weather, they run much cooler than steel and don't transfer heat to the engine crankshaft and bearings. Plus, you can easily make your own!
    Good quality, dual, high speed bearings support the drive shaft and isolate the engine from any excessive strain.

    I'm just tinkled pink and it came in a nice box wrapped with a very high quality packing tape.

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    Maybe if this was in "Vendor Review", it would have a better effect?

    You can tell some vendors are paying attention to the forums, all those little things, like shipping/packing material, they matter a whole lot.
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    Hey HV
    When did you get your latest friction drive?
    How many do you have now? engines?

    What engine did you get on the DE? and performance?
    Does yours have the centrifigal clutch?

    What material is the all weather spindle?

    There was one for sale locally but i didn't make it over there to check it out

    Do you have any plans for the box? :devilish: you're a funny guy :grin5:
    Sorry about the mix up yesterday......please give me a call again, I am
    usually available all day

    Dimension Edge may have a very good product but they do a horrible job
    of presenting it on their website.
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    You could have a good point there.
  5. Happy Valley

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    A month and a half ago.
    Too many.

    Robin 35 and Mitsu 43
    Centrifugal and direct drive.

    Stone aggregate.

    Oh yes I do, the box that is.

    Will do.

    They're machinists not web monkeys. :grin5: