Kulana Moondog billet engine mounts

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by hillofbeans, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. hillofbeans

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    I'm not yet a vendor, but my machinist told me that it would be less expensive to produce more than one set of aluminum custom mounts. Anyone wish to upgrade this recently extinct bike model?? Will be talking price with him in a couple days. More orders = less money.
    Tom Hill

  2. scokes

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    It may be too late, but i myself am regretting the drilled hole through the frame. I have a Moon Dog and plan on keeping this engine on the bike until it falls apart, hopefully not too soon. Do you still have access to the custom manufactured brackets? If so, let me know what kind of price we are talking about and maybe a pic. (I can't keep a bolt through the plate and frame anyways. Right now i have three cable ties wired intricately through the original hole holding the motor to the frame. No problems after about 80 miles. Knock on wood!)