kulana Moondog w/ 80cc engine build q's




I bought the Kingsport 80cc engine kit, and after a great deal of reading this site, I purchased a Kulana Moondog cruiser. (The orange one).
I have read all the searches for information on this bike to see what modifications need to be done for this build other than the "flimsy fenders" flaw.

And I came up with- three questions:

1: One area I see mentioned quite often is having to modify the sprocket assembly. Adding spacers or (panning?) the sprocket. I am not familiar with that term. Could somebody please explain what needs to be done to make it work?

2: Has anyone been able to mount the motor w/out drilling the frame? I read that Turbo Chaos used a "clamp" to bend the frame. Any details on how to do this? - or other methods that work?

3: I believe the Moondog has a "twist shift" handle. I had read a thread with that question, but it only provided a picture and didn't really explain how to install the throttle set up that came w/ the engine kit. If somebody can please explain how it goes on? Maybe on the other side of the handle bar?

When I have my bike, I will be sure to register on this site. This is a great source for information!

Any other useful tips is greatly appreciated.

I am a big believer in learning from the experience of others.


Troy Fitz.