Kulana Moondog w/ 80cc engine build q's

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7:16 PM
May 22, 2008
blame my wife for the tag name - read my intro.:censored:

I bought the Kingsport 80cc engine kit, and after a great deal of reading this site, I purchased a Kulana Moondog cruiser. (The orange one). -hence my tag.
I have read all the searches for information on this bike to see what modifications need to be done for this build other than the "flimsy fenders" flaw.

And I came up with- three questions:

1: One area I see mentioned quite often is having to modify the sprocket assembly. Adding spacers or (panning?) the sprocket. I am not familiar with that term. Could somebody please explain what needs to be done to make it work?

2: Has anyone been able to mount the motor w/out drilling the frame? I read that Turbo Chaos used a "clamp" to bend the frame. Any details on how to do this? - or other methods that work?

3: I believe the Moondog has a "twist shift" handle. I had read a thread with that question, but it only provided a picture and didn't really explain how to install the throttle set up that came w/ the engine kit. It stated about relocating the twist shift to the inside of the bars, and then mounting the throttle on the outside? - not sure i get this. If somebody can please explain how it goes together?

Any other useful tips on this specific build is greatly appreciated.

I am a big believer in learning from the experience of others.


Troy Fitz.
Yes.. I have done it..

First of all, there is no such thing as an 80cc engine kit from Asia. Whom ever sold you that so called 80cc engine is lying. Or they do not know what they are selling and are only interested in the money and whom ever they can rip off.

Second.. I have installed over 30 moondogs. There is nothing you need to do with the rear sprocket other than mount it and depending on the sprocket center hole size , you may need to wrap your hub with some pop can strips to take up the gap if any. You snip the rear fender and fold under for drive chain clearance. As for the front motor mount, I am not sure what the problem is with drilling. Since my bikes were intended to have the motor installed, I had no problem drilling a 5/16 inch hole and wala! Front mount done in 3 mins. Good and solid !! If you do not want to drill, and I am not sure why you would not since your intention is to put a motor in there, then I may suggest you make a front adapter plate 3 times the height of the one that comes with the kit, and drill 4 holes in it. 2 for the front motor mount and 2 for the muffler clamp. You can wrap your bike or clamp with inner tube in case the reason you are going through all this extra work is to prevent paint damage. Better clamp both mounts with inner tube then....... And..Again...There is no such thing as an 80cc motor kit for bicycles from Asia. And..If anyone sells you a kit called an 80, you better look out, because it is not an 80 and it means they have no idea what they are selling at all. For all you know, you have a 42 or 46 motor. Enjoy the ride...