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    - Retired Mech. Eng.

    - Married 42 years to the LOML

    - Three great kids and Grandkids too

    - Cool Pug named Harry Arsed Truman (He's not from around here...at least that's what he says. And he's a lousy poker player. He always "snorchles" when he has a good hand...lucky for me)

    - Working on several new E - recumbent designs both inline and tadpole. Developed a new "modular mid-drive" system with coaxial swing-arm/drive transfer

    - Woodworker... life long

    - Full on, home shop with all the goodies (looking for a good TIG welder (miller , lincoln /=)

    - Woodturner last 5-10 years...who can remember?

    - Other interests: (way too many)

    - - Audio gear (Gain clone amp and speaker building)
    - - Listening too good Jazz and Classical music
    - - Good Cigars (hopefully)
    - - Bikes, mit big motorwerken (last bike a BMW R1200C)
    - - Science and technology
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    Welcome to the forum!
    That has to be the most concise and through introduction I have seen an a looong time!
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    Welcome to the forum. It's nice to not have to drag all the info out of you.
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    Right on! Nuff said.

    Welcome to MBc!