Kustom Kruiser GT Dyno Roadster

Quick & easy build. 33.5 cc Subaru 4 stroke friction drive.30 + MPH!!!!!Only I had to make the engine mounting bracket. The set up Staton sent me was'nt working for me.


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Pretty slick! I bet that is a very comfortable ride with the springer fork and long frame length. Nice work.
Thanks, It's a nice ride! I just cut the rear fender center out, then cut some more of the fender tail to give it a bobtail look. I bolted the hidden top ends inside the roller housing and then I took a 1/2 in. 4x9 block and 1'' foam $ covered it with black leather & velcrowed it to the top to cover the bolts. Came out nice. Installed a bullet headlight, a ding dong bell and hit the streets.
She's a beaudy Ron

Ron, That is very impressive indeed. Is that a motor from a kit and if so where do they sell them? Could you grace us with close-ups of the rear end so we can see how it's put together?
I was wondering what that front stand attaches to.
30 mph+ - wow that's fast.
Thank's Irish John, I don't have any close up picures at this time, but I got the engine kit from Staton Inc. I built ,then chrome dipped the front engine mount. And the kit is friction roller drive.
Ive seen pics of bikes like that here [or that one] and Im wondering when your sitting how do you pedal that bike? The crank looks like its a mile from the seat. Are you really tall or is it just an illusion in the pic? That bike looks like a stretch limousine. Cool bike but just looks very very long.............I looked at that bike again and it seems the same would go for your arms. Id need some ape hangers reaching back 3 ft at least I think.
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Nice work on the Kustom Stretch!

I did a Kustom Kruiser custom install myself for a customer. We had to make some custom mounts also. I think your engine looks alot cleaner on the stretch. Theres some pics of mine here, just a standard 2-cycle. What do you think? Anyone recommend one kit or the other for this bike? Thanks, John

Reply Darwin,,


The Kustom Kruiser isn't as hard to ride as it looks, I guess it's a slight optical illusion :) It's a smooth, laid back, ride. I am going to get one for myself after installing one on my customers bike.