Kustom Kruiser Slick Daddy

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bicycle ron, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. bicycle ron

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    I'm looking for some pix of any of these bikes /w engines.I have 2, new and I want to build them. Any suggestions would be cool ! Please reply

  2. KilroyCD

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    Someone has done it. I'm not sure if this is the Slick Daddy model, but it's similar.

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  3. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    Hey KilroyCD , Thanks for your info but the bike I'm wanting to build is a bright orange super stretch /w rear fireball wide. Thanks!
  4. reclaimer

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    The fork on that bike is cool.

    One thing you might wana take from that bike is the pedal side chain guard. If you mount your engine low like that the chain gets in the way.
  5. t-brown

    t-brown New Member

    Hey Bicycle Ron, the bike in the picture is a Kustom Kruiser Roadster, which is the same frame as the Slick Daddy....if they can do it on a Roadster, then there should be no problems doing on a Slick Daddy, outside the 3-speed gears of course.
  6. Is that a radiator hose on the exhaust? Visually smoking! And that tank.
    Who's bike is that?
  7. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Large, I can't tell you anything about the hose on the exhaust, but the tank is a custom fabrication out of fibreglass. The bike belongs to a guy named Alphonso Rosselli who is on my Yahoo Group (Motocycles). He also built a really nice Whizzer-powered Flying Merkel replica.
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  8. bicycle ron

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    Hey t-brown, The bike in the picture looks to me like a very 'old' roadster!w/a great way of expressing themselves on what they're about! Also, the slick daddy frame is 4'' longer and rear end is 1'' wider! That must be why my 3'' fireball wheel and tire did'nt fit my roadster! I had to adapt!
  9. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    My thoughts on the exaust hose is maybe he used it as a sleve to keep himself from leg burns?
  10. h0tr0d

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    If you are still considering this with the Slick Daddy then be warned of the extra wide rear fireball tire to deal with. The bike above is the roadster with a 2.175 tire or smaller. The Slick Daddy has a 24 x 3.0 rear tire. Also the frame is difficult to mount a Happy time to, because its stretched out so much. If yours is like mine then it has the 3 speed Nexus and i don't know how long it would last with a motor on it.

    Get out your fabrication hat if your going to do more than pedal that bike.
  11. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    Slick Daddy is a made bike!

    I built the Slick Daddy! Honda GX50!

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  12. Madwack

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    nuff said

  13. bicycle ron

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    Slick Daddy

    Thank's man, but I think I installed the wrong pic! Lets try again!

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  14. bbb

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    did i see this beauty 4 sale on craigs list
    how much
    shipping to 58282
  15. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    I'm not sure where 58282 is but shipping with the engine [shipping charges alone] could run up to $200.00. I have 2 of the Slick Daddy's with the Honda GX 50's. The price each is $1,800.00.

    RATRODER Guest

    Pricing your bike should be by PM or in BUY/SELL/TRADE!
  17. bbb

    bbb Member

    sorry/newbie screw-up
  18. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    Sorry also, I should know better by now!
  19. jsmithy

    jsmithy New Member

    Anybody know of a good source for the orange Slick Daddy?

    I guess I may be a day late and dollar short.
  20. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    They stopped building the Slick Daddy at the end of 2006. Finding a new one now seems impossible. I've looked for other used ones with no luck. I have a friend in Boynton beach FL. who has a used one with a Honda GX 50,49cc. Just pm me for more info.