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    From my experience, Ky doesnt have a law against anything on the street unless itr doesnt belong there which from what I know is only ATV's and gokarts(which probably could pass as street legal) proof: regular bikes are street legal, cars with all sorts of damage or incompletness(crakced windshields, no hoods, bumpers) ride around and there was a guy who had a trike he put a lawnmower engine on that propelled the trike with a propeller.

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    i found 3 small regulations here in the ky

    there may be more....check local listings

    not more than 30 mph
    not exceeding 50cc
    not requiring clutching or shifting once motor is engaged

    pretty straight foreward but...
    the last one could require a team of lawyers to truly interperate

  3. Jax Rhapsody

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    We all know its not a major issue, but I havent seen a motorbike ever unless you count the various mopeds that run about.