lack of 4 stroke kits

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  1. greguk

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    revolution cycles - just to doesn't have them or he selling copies - bad reputation expensive etc...
    xym -
    not grubee gearbox - probably will be faulty soner or later... - lack of parts - expect now from customers to wait few months.

    Is there any other source of frame mounted 4 stroke in the world?
    The only what I need is kit w/o engine, 50 tooth free-wheel sprocket and some spare parts.

    Any news when they get more parts? Gosips, clues, news from distributors?

    How long is that few months in their calendar? 4 months, half a year or year:-x

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    The second one with the ebay link does have one feature I wish I had waited for.. it comes with a HD freewheel axle and sprocket instead of the Sandwich to spokes type of sprocket mount , much safer I hear for that type of gearbox which doesn't have a freewheel on the motor sprocket. As far a revolution cycles goes.. bad reputation, and he offers no real support, I Ordered my kit from him through ebay.. and he specifically asked me if I wanted a one piece crank or a 3 piece crank, I told him a one piece and when it came it had the 3 piece, I had to order a 1 piece kit through another retailer.
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    the he sent the cranks i had to get different size pinch bolts to make it work and the sprocket was bent (so bad that my chain would come off )i think that dude is on drugs i seen a vid of him getting papers at a store thats why they call it dope ! ♦ thing is all the dudes here now about him and not once they but a sticky up about that dude to beware of him ! and the search feature is lacking here

    let stick it to the man ..not each other peace
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    well... left that guy from revolution cycles aloneee !!!!

    no, seriously -
    I need cheap 4 stroke engine with KIT for $400 or KIT without engine for Honda 50 for reasonable price with free-wheel sprocket.

    Those all shops, people, resellers don't have anything what could be used - they just to keep those parts which nobody needs. When they learn that WE need:


    Thing is some people no longer sell parts and now only more scam less sellers have them in stock.

    That's why I'm asking about news direct from Birddog etc. If somebody now something, let us now.
  5. MasterLink

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    well i just order sum things from jeremy (Birddog ) they should be on there way ..i dont know what mounting plate he has but the 3 peace is better
  6. Marktur

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    Who's Birddog, and please post a link...I want to go 4-stroke too...also starting to wonder what's going to happen as more people need parts. Do you just buy a new kit or motor?
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    "Due to overwhelming demand, this item is now on back order. We hope to have them available again sometime in late July. Please do not purchase this item as your order will not be processed. "

    I've been looking, too. This is on the link you gave me, once you click on 4-stroke kits, and it looks the same at Dax, too...If you find something out there, let us know! :)
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    This is the same kit I have, but I bought a Honda engine separately.

    Seems they were plentiful when I bought mine last year. All I can say is- I would suggest not giving in to impatience and getting the JL Hoot- engine is OK, gearbox, not so much. If you want a frame mount 4 stroke, hold out for the Grubee.
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    mark ,,, i just talked to jermey over there a few days ago and needed a part for my gearbox he sent it to me allready he is a good guy to deal with ...i think you will be happy with the kit he was saying a week or so ontill he gets his kits ,,1 deal is ,you might want to call him now to see whats the best way to get you goin at this point the gearboxes are in stock i ordered one but he talked me out of it.. as i only needed the freewheel hes fair man i really like that about him as i have 2 boygofast kits and you would only need the bottom plate and the honda motor and grubee box to slip it in your set up i would also make sure to get the 3 piece plate ,,because i think there is a one piece also and if you can get the honda motor from small eng where house get the carb form jermey for 20 dollars so u will not have the carb hook up issue with the linkage

    birddog is
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    Hey guys I am not here to toot my horn. I buy kits wholesale from birddog for sale to local buyers. Josh gives me 15% off kits I sale online I can give any member of half that or 7.5% I know this isn't much but if it helps contact me through this site. I would like to give more and if/when I will. I can get the kits and will to this forum sell for $250 these run a JL Hoot gear box I only make about $20 on these. My main business is putting these bikes together for the locals and providing support the online thing doesn't allow for this. This forum is loaded with a great bunch of people and I thank you all. If this is inappropriate I will delete it.
  12. hello greguk

    heres what im doin.

    staton wouldnt respond to my email! sorry emails!! (hopefully lenny harp has offerd to help however)

    i waiting to buy my gb from dax its the pto unit check the website communication seems good far

    and engine from robin redbrest industrial equipment here in northhampton uk at
    200 quid or thats 400 bucks to my american friends (anyone anywhere cheaper its the
    robin subaru eho35 im after)

    i had the honda 50 just to heavy same withe the gb i thought it was rediculus amount of weight

    unessercary amount of power.
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    nsideus - wow the price is right! But how do they run and how is maintenance? Also - how quickly will they ship? I think I'd like one...
  14. nsideus

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    The new kits will arrive the end of July hopefully no later than the middle of August, Prices should drop. I understand there will be 600 4-stroke kits and some EPA approved
    2-strokes. All my grubee's are gone.
    The 4-strokes with a JL Hoot gear box are still available for $250 to members of this website only.