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    I have one that is a crappy bike as a bicycle no doubt. It's a xc26 female. You know with the dropped top tube so that ladies can get their vaginas over or something?!:-D I think it may be to do with dresses but who rides in a skirt these days? It's not 1916
    Anyway I'm worried it won't work as a motorised bike due to little space between top tube and bb. plenty above mind which is where I plan to mount block. It's the exhaust I'm concerned about but hopefully I can bodge it.
    I hope I can use the frame as despite it being a terrible bike from Halfords. Stripped of its crappy grip shifters and plastic brakes it has nice geometry and a low centre of balance like a jump bike. I imagine it's weight will help if I go 2t method.

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    Halfords? Yay a fellow Briton! I have three Carrera bikes (two Subway 2s and a Gryphon) :) Sorry, but I think there is precious little room for the rear engine mount on the seat tube, and the angle of the tt to the st is going to take a big bent universal front mount (which raises the engine). I couldn't guarantee that it wont fit but it certainly isn't making it easy for you.
    The bike wouldn't have a low CoG once the engine is mounted on top of the top tube, and you will have to add a rear rack to carry the fuel tank, raising CoG further and moving it backwards towards the rear axle which makes high speed wobble more of a problem.
    There is a lot of flex on ladies frames too, according to posts I have read here.
    The exhaust header would need to be extended. Chrome plate spits(?) when welded I think.. not too sure.
    It could make a nice electric bike if the battery can go inside the front triangle but I doubt it would be suitable for a 2 stroke.

    Luckily the 29er mtb craze is doing wonders for the used 26" mtb market! Hardtail frames and 26" mtb wheels have never been so affordable and plentiful. :)