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This is not a motor bike, but was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Triumphs. I'm falling madly in love with this old lady, I've spent 25 hours so far stripping her down, and the frame is now perfect. The seat is a funky, comfortable old spring type, She's got a drum brake, skinny wheels, and is surprisingly lightweight. The frame is really just slender and sweet. This is basically a local give-away project, here's some before/after pics. This bike sat unchained in a park for at least twelve years, rusting away, until I finally did something about it.

So any cool links , wisdom on Triumph cruisers most welcome.

somebody tossed a bag of dirt in her huge front rack, tire slashed, chain rusted beyond comprehension... (click on images themselves to enlarge)

start of the restore:

After 25 hours of stripping, absolutely perfect....
I love the frame but gods know how you are going to fit a motor to it...

Do you know the original colour or are you going to paint it/coat it in your own schema?

good luck with it

Jemma xx
wassup Jemma,

here's a pic of a three speed original, 1973, mine is a drum brake:

It was a black powdercoat which was really brutal to remove.

I am researching painting it a girly-color, maybe purple with a very light sheen of pearl as a top-coat. I figured I can use thinned Rustoleum in my airbrush.

I wouldn't dare put a motor on this bike!!!

But she's been rescued after sitting there in the park for at least 12 years. I desperately need a rear wheel with a drum for her. 23 1/2" X 1". Or, just a rim, I can re-build the wheel, (the drum looks ok.) then have the bike shop true it.

I cannot afford to spend 50-100.00 on this new from a bike shop. I am dirt poor and struggling right now.

Hey, if anyone wants to donate a wheel, much apprec. , and I will post a pic of the bike with its new owner when she's complete. I want this owner to ride her through the park in June, where there is a beautiful rose garden. I named this bike Elizabeth, because I found her in Elizabeth Park, and It's a properly British name :) She's from Nottingham...

The cool thing is I found a couple people with this bike selling on CL, out in CA, and they both were like: "this is a fabulous bike!!"

I think this might be a wierd wheel size. When gas hits 4.00 a gallon this summer, she will turn some heads. I've already got 35 hours into her....but this might take one less car off the road for a bit.

I have restored the saddle. These old spring saddles are amazing.
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