Crashes laid up in bed But Still Breathing

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    Well I am using my laptop at my folks house and am back on the net after about five months laid up in a EMT unit and then a nursing home and finally the Reeducation institute of Oregon.

    It started when I was coming back from the store(and gas station) I had my groceries and a two gallon plastic gas can strapped to my rear rack. I was crossing the light and was in the bicycle lane when a gal in her Chevy Nova saw that the left turn lane was flashing. She thought that meant that it was going to turn red instead of watch out and cut over two lanes and crushed me like a bug on a window of a sports car.(sometimes your the window, sometimes your the bug).

    When I look at myself in the mirror I see two tracheotomy scars. the first one was done by the EMT who first saw me and it kept me going till the surgeon at the operating room could get me going with his own hole.

    Both of my legs were shattered and they had to put them both in traction until they replaced my femurs with a titanium shaft and then put my bones on like a Shiskabob. My shoddier had a two inch hole in the left shoulder blade and a fracture of the bone on front of it. I also have about six crushed crushed vertebra they are about 25% smaller than before the wreck.

    I also have trouble with my right hand, it seems that my too small fingers are partially paralyzed and I can't use them very well, plus I can't open pop bottles like I once could and I can't use chopsticks worth a darn.

    One thing you might note is that if you are injured on a motorized bicycle you don't get the same brakes as you get in a none motorized bike. if I was riding a pedal bike there is a fund that helps pay for expenses that I had to pay for like the ambulance to the hospital and other things.

    Then only thing I know about my bike is that the wheels are both potato chipped and the head tube has been broken off. I don't know if anything can be saved even if I want to (It does look like the handlebar is still strait and I have had that since 1978. so I will keep that)

    mike frye AKA retromike3

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    Sorry to hear that. Prayers be with you. There is no way she will have enough insurance to take care of you. Hope she does tho.
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    Good luck in your continued recovery and sharing your personal tragedy with us. Hopefully someone will read your story and learn something from it.

    "Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.
    ― Siddhārtha Gautama

    AKA: BigBlue
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    I am truly sorry for you.

    You will be in my prayers for a long long time.

    Take care.

  5. Happy Valley

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    What a horrible and painful ordeal you've had to endure, my heartfelt best wishes go out to you on a satisfactory recovery.
  6. professor

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    My wife and I pray for you Mike.
  7. jeffuehrer

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    Here's to your continuing recovery. Stay well.
  8. darwin

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    Hope you recover 100%, sounds like your lucky to be alive. Were you wearing a helmut? I'm a little confused as to how the accident happened. You were in a bike lane going through an intersection with a green light, after that is where i'm lost. What direction was the other car going in compared to where you were? I hope she had insurance to help you out. Prayers will be said for you. Get well I've enjoyed your posts over the last few years.
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    Ouch! You sound lucky to be alive. I take it you were wearing a helmet because I didn't read anything about a head injury. If so, what does that look like? Any damage or scuffs on it? Sounds like you have a lawsuit on your hands to me. Get well soon!
  10. marc

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    hang in there mike what dosent kill us just makes us stronger
  11. retromike3

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    yes i was one

    So I broke another helmet. this on was a Gero that I I got at the BIKE Gallery for about thirty bucks. The first thing I did when I got it was to take off the dumb visor and paint it flat black. Since I wear a base ball hat or cycling hat I don't need the visor and I don't like shinny stuff. With this set of injures I sometimes think it was a bad idea to wear one this time. Something about hurting all of the time and being suck here by my self.

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    its a long road to recovery,even the minor things can be difficult after trauma like you suffered.i fell about 8 feet and landed on my back,almost a year ago,still getting physio,but i am able-bodied in spite of the pain.yours is gonna take a while,its going to take some work,good luck with your recovery.
  13. retromike3

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    OK Now what?

    I I do hope it does get better than this. It is right now, I'm getting a little tired everything hurting so much. I have cut down a lot on the morphine and I guess that's why I'm a little more crabby than it used to be. I had a problem a few weeks ago when my morphine ran out and I couldn't get back to the doctor to replace my supply. I started getting really sick so guess what Kaiser did. They gave me an anti-nausea shot in put me back on the pills. I am currently only using about a fourth as many as I did before but I like to stop altogether. And for those of you who think that prescription drugs are not dangerous to tell that to Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley.

    I do appreciate comments, and the prayers. It Can't hurt to much to ask for a little help from the big guy.

  14. Fabian

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    Heartfelt thoughts go towards you retromike.
    6 months ago i chopped off the tip of my index finger and that was bad enough.

    I'm placing positive and energetic well wishes towards your recovery.

    Kind regards
  15. alec

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    I am so sorry to hear about this retromike. i hope you get better and are able to ride again. almost a year ago i severed my humerus dirt biking and they put it back together with a steel plate but that doesnt stop me from doing stuff. i hope this helps give you the motivation to recover as much as possible. good luck
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    I really hate crappy drivers. In towns like mine their are no pedestrians, bikes, nothing! Just a bunch of soccer moms in suburbans ready to crush me like a dead animal on the side of the road. Do you know what its like driving to school, id have better luck crossing a mine feild. Prayers go out to you my fellow motor-biker.
  17. Nevada

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    Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery Mike. Terribly sorry to hear what happened to you. Glad you're at least able to tell others about your tragedy. Hopefully your story will inspire others to ride safer and avoid what you've had to go through.
  18. Addum

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    Add my prayers for your fast recovery, Sending good Karma your way!
  19. heXed

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    That was a sobering read. I am new to the board so don't know most of you all, but I will certainly keep you in my prayers. I had a minor accident this morning and went ahead to work with my sore arm, leg, & nose. Mine was a simply the chain locking up thus locking my rear tire.. I am thankful that it was only me and the road in that fight. After my eventful morning and reading about what you are going through, it is very eye-opening.

    I know things are hard right now, and, honestly, can't relate to the pain an reduced mobility, but if you keep focusing on improving and healing, then you will get better and get back to some of your previous exploits. Those voices of negativity that will be dragging you down, I can relate to. Don't listen to them, or better, tell them to #%@& off. ;) If you ever need someone to talk to, you are welcome to PM me. Sometimes, it helps to just talk through your emotions and getting them off of you chest. I will, though, light a candle for you and say a prayer.

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    I recognize retromike. I've seen posts from him more than once. And I'm having a hard time believing that it took me until now to notice this thread. It's been nearly two years after all.

    Sorry about that, Mike.

    So are you still around here? How's the recovery going?