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    the modified rebuilt former Ezip Trailz using a Papamotors 48V system. Enjoy, yes it's a private link.

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    Full range on the two wheeler straight and narrow is about 34 miles. My etrike same setup gets a tad under 30, probably because of the trike's weight and also it is bulkier too so not as fast. Just wanted to tell you all, for the cost difference, best to go the 48 volt systems. Another side note. The laws get murky on engine power. Supposedly they say max on the street is a 750 watt motor, a stupid law indeed. But for offroad there are no limits. So Get the 1000 watt for mainly off road and if you have to use your bike to get someplace then so be it. Pedal if you must and it's no longer an ebike. What you do is your business. but there is only a ten dollar difference between Papamotors 500 watt motor 48 volt versus the 1000 watt motor and the benefits on the 1000 system is a bit longer range, definitely a speed bump, but more important you get better torque. I have found that there is still a bit of pedal assist required to get up top a steep hill, but the motor will carry a 225 pound person with that extra pedal assist effort. The 36 volt system about 100 bucks under the 48 but you lose a lot including speed. If you go from a 36 volt 15 amp battery to a 20 amp battery the costs will exceed the 48 volt system and the distance is about the same.