Lake Mountain Snow-capade

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    Despite the dramas getting past the toll booth at Lake Mountain, the day turned out magnificently for adventure touring in the snow.

    One thing that i can say about forging your way through deep snow on a mountain bike: it's a power hungry experience and snow piling up on the trailer and wheels absorbs so much power that the bike was working it's guts out; bulldozing it's way ever forward, and there were times when i was also working my guts out in unison with the engine; inching along despite the furious commotion going on at the rear wheel.

    Having said that, it was a terrific experience to see pristine trails open up before you.

    Although i tried to build a mobile snowman on the bike trailer, it didn't turn out as well as i would have liked, but the effect is subject to the eyes of the observer :lipsrsealed2:





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    Man! You really put that bike to good use!