Lamborghini Orange Custom Spoiler

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by zipdrivex, May 14, 2008.

  1. zipdrivex

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    This is my 2006 Schwinn Stingray Spoiler that I purchased from my good friends at Dimension Edge. Some of the extras I've got on the bike are duel LED headlights, duel LED taillights, duel chrome mirrors, dial spedometer, custom Lamborghini Orange paint on the frame and Metallic Black on the wheels, and a grip throttle.

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  2. impression

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    all i have to say is

    Looking Schweet :D
  3. zipdrivex

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    Hahaha... creative. Thanks, We've put a lot of work into it :)
  4. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    Nice to see another spoiler. Sweet bike. ;)

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  5. I so like orange lately. My bike is nearly the same color. It really makes that bike pop.
    Very nice job. I like all the work you put into it.
  6. zipdrivex

    zipdrivex Member

    thanks for the comments. ironwarlock, I really like the headlight you've got. Is it battery powered or does it use a generator? Where did you get it at?
  7. Alaskavan

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    Zip, your running a TLE52? Could you tell us a bit about it? Does it use the same clutch as the TLE43?
  8. zipdrivex

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    It's a great little motor and yes, it uses the exact same clutch. The engine seems to respond and work much better at higher RPMs, I love passing traffic :)
  9. Scottm

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    beautiful bike!
  10. ironwarlock

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    The light kit is old new stock out of the 70's. Runs off the tire but I did not want it running off the tire so I ran it off the rear drive belt. ;) Got the light kit off eBay for 40 bucks. Where did you buy the TLE 52? I did not see a 52cc over at Dimension Edge.
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  11. Zemus DE

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    Yeah we dont offer that engine because it surpasses federal limits. We got a few Piston and jug sets from them before they switched to the stratified design, so all the 52s are also no longer carb compliant. Zip and his family have had a few engine kits from us over the years. This is actually his second spoiler, lol. Anyways hes one of the few that got one.