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Hi all. I'm motorless at the moment, but have been lurking here for the past few weeks looking for inspiration/answers/direction. I want a challenge and something dead-reliable (for 240mi roundtrips to the family farm), will probably chop up a full-suspension Schwinn S-30 ('98??) and put a Yamaha TTR-50E motor in it. Or I might go the easy route and use a '69 Schwinn Typhoon frame I'm almost done stripping. Either way I'm pretty much set on the Yamaha 50 unless something else catches my eye in the next couple days.

I still have some more measurements to take, and some details to iron out, but I think it's plausible w/ a Staton rear hub/sprocket. I've got a Sprintcar fabricator buddy who can do he's the man w/ the welder and always good for laughs, it'll be a fun build.

I actually have a couple Q's already, I'll ask here first but post on the main page if I go ignored:
(1) Anyone know where I can get a wide 1-piece the ones sold w/ the 4-stroke kits?
(2) If I chicken out and use the old Schwinn Typhoon, is anybody here familiar w/ weak points on the frame that need beefing up?

Oh, and before I go, thanks for this xlent forum.


Apr 23, 2007
Welcome to Mbc.

Your plans sound intriguing. I cant wait to see it unfold, Please post lots of Pictures.


post requests for more info on the tech mech help forum, you will notice there are certain folks who fab their own frames. They will help you.

go you good thing


We have a TTR-50E and it is very wide so not sure how you would go keeping your pedals. I too have looked at the motor with the possibility of installing it on a bike but it looks like a big project:cool: We traded a PeeWee PW50 in when we bought it and I also looked at that motor for installation. The PW50 is much skinnier as it is a 2 cycle.......just a thought. It is missing electric start and a 3 speed gearbox so is lighter also.

Yes it would be a great idea to start a new thread here under maybe 'wild in the streets'??
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