Largest engine for GEBE system

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    Hey folks, what is the largest HP engine you have used or seen on a GEBE system? Do you get bang for your buck in using a larger engine? I am not trying to go faster, but rather, looking for a lower RPM at coasting speed and maybe more torque at lower speeds.

  2. With the 78 mm clutch option you have access to any engine from 33 cc to I think 60-100 cc. Just gotta know what piece of power equipment to pull the engine from.

    There is no replacement for displacement I always say.......

    I got a 35 cc tanaka I could part with for the right price......
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  4. Well I get all of my opinions through personal use and most of these members on mbc have the cheap happy time engines and dont care about or can't use these weedeater engines on their bike. What you should do is go to gopednation .com and search "go460" this is a chinese knockoff. The gopedders there only use the weedeaters and will contain a lifetime of real life use opinions and information. FYI with this engine you will have clutch problems as they r finicky. But it is cheap and highly upgradable. It is because of the goped site the zenoah g43 l was put on my radar and I'm glad it was cuz its a tank
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    Several members here have used that motor on GEBE kits with
    varying success.

    Kawasaki999 and DetonatorTuningSolutions

    Kawasaki999 has a GPS'ed top speed of 54 mph on his.

    I am waiting for someone to bring a GP460 to the SoCal race
    on Oct 22nd to see how it does on the track.
    There weren't any at the last race in June.