Largest motor on the frame?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by kcpoloman, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Anybody running like a 200cc motor on the frame of thier bikes? I have seen some Lifan 200cc on ebay and was wondering how difficult it would be to rig it up on the bike frame. If you did get in there how would the gearing work? Also keep in mind I am refering to fitting the engine on a Beach Crusier which seem to have more room than mountain bikes.

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    Bikeman6969 has a 196cc engine on his bike, modified frame and all and goes 40+mph.

    By the looks of it, it's not easy, but very possible. Most of us build trailers to make it easier, but I congratulate anyone that can get a huge engine on the bicycle.
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    It would be a lot harder to get the 196cc engine in the frame. I think it would be ideal over a push trailer, but it would require a lot more work and skill.

    I don't know if the regular bike chain could take the power, but that would be cool to connect a 196cc engine up to the rear derailer for a 6 speed setup.

    I'd rather have a 196cc in the frame than on a trailer, but I would MUCH rather have a 196cc trailer over a 70cc HT in the frame.
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    Thats sweet. I would love to start a project like that.