Lashop 3 speed kit? Schwat?!

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    From what I've been reading about lashop stuff, I'm thinking I need to steer clear, but has anybody heard of a 3 speed 80cc HT kit? Check the link below:

    My buddy is interested in it, but I don't understand what it claims to be shifting. It appears to have some sort of upgraded brake lever/shifter assembly, but what is it supposed to attach to? It seems to just come with the 44T drive sprocket.

    Am I missing something, or is this a bunch of ****?

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    Dont get anything from LaShop - they are false advertisers. I got two 80cc Dual Start Engines from them, with ZM on pull start. They claimed that it was centrifugal, but it is no such thng. Also engine seized on me day after I put it on.
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    Thanks for the input - I'll advise my buddy accordingly.