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I have ONE Whizzer SE head left. I won't be getting any more heads like this period. The head has been milled [.070"], and the combustion chamber re-worked. This is the exact same head I used on my record setting NE motor at Dawson Springs, KY. last week. This head can run 2 spark plugs, or a compression release [$15.95 extra]. The head will be shipped with a 10 MM bolt in the second plug hole, and the bolt has been matched to the combustion chamber surface. Price is $81.20 plus shipping. I also have a couple of hi lift camshafts for the WC-1 motor, $75.00 each plus shipping.
These items are rare and most likely won't be offered again after they are sold.

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Jun 13, 2008
HI Quenton
I have a 1999 whizzer and I cannot get it to run properly, I have rejetted, tried every thing I know to do and no luck. Do you have another carb or any advice, I just got the bike had 10 miles on it, also do you have an automatic clutch I live in a hilly area and the elevation is 5000 ft. Read a lot of your posts and I was impressed so I thought you might be able to help, thank you Paul Foster

Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
Hi Paul,
Sorry if I missed earlier posts, but my computer has been acting really stupid for the last several weeks. I would suggest you avoid spending money trying to get your current motor running correctly, because there is a much better way. Most WC-1 motors [1999 to 2004] if overheated [easy to do] will develope loose valve seats. I don't want to mislead you or give you false hopes, and I can certainly sell you lots of parts for your WC-1 motor, but the fix most likely would be temporary. If you want your Whizzer to be "bullet proof" and ready when you want to ride, I suggest you make the needed changes. There are several ways to upgrade your motor, and depends on your budget and desired end result. You can install the NE cylinder upgrade kit [$395.00 plus shipping], or only purchase the needed parts. The upgrade kit includes the NE cylinder with valve train, the NE head, NE head gasket, compression cover with vent tube, base gasket, compression cover gasket, 22 MM carburetor, piston, rings, intake gaskets, exhause gasket, NE exhaust manifold, NE headbolt kit, and detailed instruction sheet. With all the parts listed it sounds like a major event to upgrade the motor, but in fact it is very easy [I do most in less than 2 hours] . After the uprade the motor becomes very dependable, starts easier, idles better, accelerates faster & smoother, and really makes owning a Whizzer a joy.
When the NE upgrade is complete, the only remaining major difference from the current NE motor is the NE camshaft & mushroom lifters. Now that I have covered all the important information, it is time to discuss additional options. It isn't necessary to change the carburetor or piston & rings when upgrading the motor [reducing the cost]. I have assembled custom NE upgrade kits for many by exchanging the camshaft & lifters for the carburetor, piston & rings. Many on this site have upgraded thier WC-1 motors, and can tell you of the difference.
However if you want to try to make your current setup work I will be happy to help. If you can detail the problems I will try to lead you to the correct solution. Does the motor start easily?, does the motor idle?, does it loose power when hot?, do you have a compression guage?, do you have an inch pound torque wrench?, does the motor run poorly when the throttle is advanced?, have you checked for loose head bolts?, does your motor have the 2 long studs from the crankcase to the head?
One of my favorite Whizzers is the 1999 Classic model, and is one of my personal riders. My 1999 has over 6000 miles on it and set records on the dyno in 2005 & 2007 [no official run in 2006], and other than rear brakes, tires, and one speedometer it has been trouble free [not bad for a 9 year old motorbike]

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