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  1. Hi. I'm new to gas bikes as I have recently surrendered my nj drivers liscence due to epilepsy. ( I have already studied nj's laws on the subject of mopeds/gas bikes and I
    know what nj says )
    So I bought a bike that some kid slapped a skyhawk on as a last resort. The first problem I'm having w it is that it has a #3 yd cns carb!- and it's missing the idle screw.(I will have to tune it as well and I've seen other posts that have me scared!) Also have no clue about wiring the new throttle/kill. I had it running but had to breakdown the carb in order to clean it and bring it to a local shop to (hopefully) find an idle screw.
    Any advice on putting the carb back together and installing/tuning it?
    Parts sites? And has anyone bought the rebuild kit from kings? Worth it?
    Any advice would help. Thanks

  2. jaguar

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    get a good carburetor.
    shorting the blue wire exiting the engine will kill the ignition.
    or you can interrupt that wire with a switch causing an open circuit when in the "off" position.
    but the first method is preferred.
  3. dougsr.874

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    Throw the CNS carb away and buy a standard NT
  4. jaguar

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    all non adjustable carbs belong in the trash bin

    buy a Mikuni VM or Dellorto PHBG carb
  5. Thanks to everyone. I got the idle screw I needed and I will attempt to get everything up and running tomorrow. Clearly I need to replace the carb w a better model. Somewhere along the line it seems I blew out a chain link and ripped a spoke out too! For now I'm continuing w/o the spoke but I know I will have to replace it eventually.Any advice on chain to sprocket size? And has anyone bought the repair/rebuild kits from kings? Seems like too good to be true. Worth it? Right now I have a standard bike chain on her and it seems to fit over sprocket but doesn't "flow" when I try to roll it. Again I'm a brand newbie to all this w/not much 2-stroke experience. I live near the jersey shore, anybody know any specialty shops worth mentioning ? Thanks for ANY advice.
  6. dougsr.874

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    Upgrade to a 415 chain....I won't buy from Kings, Gasbike or Now they have taken over a website called Zone 8
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    do not use the idle screw to turn off your engine!...I lost mine this way and never got it back. From what i was told if u touch the white wire to the frame the engine will turn off. i personally just use the clutch to turn of the engine or turn off the gas and let it run till it burns the all the remaining gas in the carb and eventually it will turn itself off.