late 90's early 2000's GT Dyno Deuce (my first 4 stroke cruiser) finished

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    I just got done putting the finishing touches on my first 4 stroke build. Here's a few picks of the build so far:
    013.jpg 014.jpg

    Here's the motor. It's a 2.5 HP H.S. 142F 49cc 4 stroke with the famous Grubee 4G tranny I ordered from BicycleEngines. Took some time mounting but fits the bike like a glove. The fuel tank is a common tear drop MB gas tank with a 1/2 gallon capacity.

    016.jpg 018.jpg

    Here's my pedal drive set up. I got one of those one piece to 3 piece pedal adapters from Phantombikes for the pedal chain because the kit stuff didnt fit well with my bike & the bearing cups in the bottom bracket just wouldn't come out. I also see it as an upgrade from the kit 3 piece because it feels like much better quality & I can use my original chain ring sprocket. costed me $100 & an extra week delay on the build but well worth it.


    This is the rear motor drive. Man, It wasn't easy getting this part on. Took forever to get the drive sprocket on just right. Still might need to get a thinner tire because this one is pretty thick and seems to get stuck on the chain. I got a spring loaded idler. As much as I hate using a idler wheel I ended up having to use one. But I got a decent one at least.


    And lastly Here's my dash. Got a thing for my phone for GPS & a speedometer.


    Everything is pretty much done. I'm still tweaking a few things.

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    Beauty. The HS thumper looks like it was designed to fit in that Dyno frame.
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    Thanks. Yeah it fits this bike perfectly. It does feel almost like it was meant to have this motor.

    Aside from some minor rear drive issues (rear tire too thick) it's a great bike to motorize.

    I've seen this same bike with a 2 stroke kit. I think I'm the first one to add a 4 stroke on this bike (as far as I know)

    I'm thinking of upgrading the rear drive sprocket to a better one. I found one thats better built but problem is it's a 48 tooth rear drive & I'm looking for something in a 44 or 36 tooth drive sprocket for faster speeds.

    This is probably my heaviest bike. The bike alone weighs roughly 40 lbs & the motor kit adds another 30 to 40 lbs. my last bike (my old 2 stroke) was much lighter.