late at night while searching the internet I found..........

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    I love riding bikes, try to commute to work with my bike when I can, I love riding my bike around the neighborhood with my kids we have fantastic bike trails to ride here in Bar Harbor but I was getting kind of bored with bikes.

    I had been looking at cruiser style bikes(for a fun change of pace) for the past several years but could not justify sending the money when I already had a nice mountain bike, needed a new roof on the house, regular bills to pay,doctor bills, kids to feed, check ups for the dog at the vets office and you never know what will happen with your job with this recession **** going better save your money boy!

    Then about a month ago while starting to feel a bit of trepidation about this up coming summer (Bar Harbor is a tourist town and we work hard to keep the visitors happy and to have enough money to survive the following winter, often working 65-75 hour, 6-7 day work weeks during the 6 month season).

    I had a little bit of a crisis, there I was late at night, so my wife wouldn't see, sneaking looks at web sites with pictures of beautiful......................
    CRUISER BIKES those sweet Electras, fantastic Felts, swanky Schwinns and miraculusly frugal Micargis. Wow! Wait, I have made it into my 40's, have a wonderful family, house and all that good stuff but can't I spend a little money just on myself. Yeah, I should send extra money to my mortgage company. Hey I could die tomorrow with out ever having my own cruiser. What the F@#%, it is 1:30 am and I am ordering a bike now!
    I ordered a 7 speed Rover, flat black with white walls, sweet. What a relief, I did it finally, price was good. I only felt a little guilty for buying something just for me.

    Over the next couple of days waiting for the bike to arrive, I was looking through online bike forums and saw the ad for "motorizing your bike" and check the site out. Pretty cool stuff, wait, that engine would be wicked cool on the new cruiser! Maybe next year I will order an engine. Yup, that cruiser would sure be extra cool with that engine..............

    Next morning I told my neighbor about the bike then I mentioned the motor bike engine web site, I showed him some pictures of motor bikes. He immediately said brimming with child like excitement, "order 2 engines now here is my credit card", I said, "hey lets think about this, I have spent my money." He says, "don't worry pay me back when you can."

    Well that was 2 weeks ago, since the initial order of two engines, we have ordered 9 more, installing them on anything with two wheels, even bought a nice Northridge Cruiser to convert for my wife, you should have seen the big smile on her the first time she rode my two wheel rig down the street!

    That's my newbie bike motor story.

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    Very cool.

    Careful it gets addicting.
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    Welcome GoodKebo!

    Lots of good info for the newB MB builder here - modifications, improvements, totally crazy projects etc. Whatever your style, whatever your drivetrain of choice, you will find it here (as you have probably already found out).

    That's a nice story you have there. Nothing like being the first one in the neighborhood to ride around on one of these things. Post some pictures of your (and your neighbors, and your wife's...) rides if you can!

    And yes, these are like pringles potato chips - once you pop (the clutch), you just cant stop!