Late Model Whizzer Throttle Problems

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    I recently borrowed my brother-in-laws whizzer cause he never rides it. It worked great the last time i borrowed it about a year ago and it has sat ever since. It started up first try and runs smooth, but the throttle has about 1" of movement and I am unable to accelerate or rev the motor at all. I took the carb apart and cleaned it throughly and didnt help. When i remove the cap on top of the carb and the spring is free then the throttle feels like it normally should but with the cap on it is unable to move. Can anyone help me out?

    Its a late model whizzer with a Keh Han carb and twist throttle.

    Btw i did search before posting. Thanks in advance
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  2. KilroyCD

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    When you remove the cap, are you able to slide the brass slider inside the carb up and down with your fingers?
    I experienced a similar problem (but in the opposite direction, so to speak) when my throttle would stick, but nearly full-open. Thank goodness for that kill switch. Mine was caused by the proximity of the top of the carb to the gas tank, causing a sharp bend in the throttle cable right above the cap.
    Can you post a photo or two? One with the cap on and the other with the cap off, looking down into the top of the carb. That might help us diagnose things better for you.

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    Thankyou for the response Kilroy

    My problem was that the brass cylinder was stuck because of old gas along with the fuel intake port. It took nearly a whole can of carb cleaner too loosen it all up. I got it running great and just got back from a night ride. I appreciate the help though
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    That'll do it! I try to put Sta-bil in my gas to keep that from being as much of a problem. If you can get gas without ethanol that would help too.

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    Good looking out. Thanks again.