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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by redpiper777, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Hey all, just here to put some pics up of the winter build and looking for some "Helpfull" suggestions if anyone has any... Well to start, Its a 50 ? something Hiawatha Balloon tire bike frame slightly cut up and modified...I cut out the lower (top) tube for the custom gas tank (the tank is the brass tubing on the left hand side of the pic)..Yes expensive, and no I wont do that again but I think its gonna be really cool when done...It will be painted though, I've put a few good scratches in it making it and I dont feel like polishing it all the time....I have to heat up the old brazing on the lower top bar and pull the tube ends off the frame and sand it smooth yet...Also if you notice I made a rear engine mount that runs through the frame that has to be brazed in and have the ends cut off...Got the Chris Hill "CH80" just about where I want it and clears the sproket and chain by about 3/4" so Im pretty happy with it so far...The really hard part is going to be spreading the frame rear about a 1/2" to get the Grubee HD hub in...I think I'm going to have to dump the idea of the band brake and tack in a cross bar to install a rear side pull brake...The front rim has a drum brake...Well, gotta go back and stare at it for a while

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    When I saw the photo with the fork and wheel I instantly saw your vision.
    Keep up the great work. O' ya, what color are you going with?
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    Thanks alot for the comment and I'm thinking of going with a bright yellow of some kind...If you notice I went with a gold tone spring on the forks...I think I'm gonna go with a gold tone sproket and cranks if I can find the cranks...I'm not using the cranks and sprocket on the bike in the pic, too rusty...I want to use a little gold but not too much..I just like how on the old board track racers you saw some shiny gold tones from time to time...Got any suggestions on a color ? I want to stay away from red if I can.
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