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    Here is my latest friction drive. Diamondback sorento frame with the bosses removed and p-coated bottle green. Sturmy hubs, 12 g spokes and schwinn s-2 rims p-coated black , hd tubes and pyrimid tires. The bars are from a prewar dx, p-coated. Rides smooth....

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    friction drive materials

    I've used friction drive on many bikes starting in 1972. My first experience was in 1967 when I had the pleasure of working on a lady's Solex (from France).
    Since then I've tinkered with several friction drive materials and drive profiles to arrive on what works the best. To be honest, The Solex people have got it right, at least with their application.
    What sort of material are you using to ride against your tire? Do you use the same friction roller on both wet and dry pavement?

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    Really nice build there man....i also would be interested to know.
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    That looks like the Staton friction drive I have. Zero problems so far with the unit after 1500 miles. When the pavement is wet I have to go easy on the throttle AND increase the pressure on the drive roller to tire interface. This increases the friction factor but decreases horsepower/RPM/speed.

    Am I happy with it? for my area that would be a yes!
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    Hey Cris. Im pretty new to friction so I just bought a kit from bike motor parts, figgurin I would get it up an runnin and then see what works. The drive roller is a flat, knurled cylinder with a freewheel built in to it. I have had this setup on 3 bikes now and the only issue at all, if it even is an issue, is the pressure applied to the tire. Too much and i can feel and hear it in the engine, too little and slippage occurs. Having played with it it is easy to set up now and seems to just stay where I put it. I did put a spacer in the middle of the piviot bolt but other than that the kit works fine. I am also convinced that tire selection is vital . A substantal tire with a beefy road tread and hd tubes as well help keep the pressure on the roller. I have ridden in the rain and even up a hill in the rain. As long as i feather the throttle up gradually i can keep it from slippin.So im gonna just ride it for awile and see what happens...Jeff
  6. Nice Build! One of the tidiest friction bikes i've seen in a while! Sweet