latest project

Well, after doing the schwinn Chopper for the kids, thought it looked like fun so I thought I'd try something full size. Finished it this morning (although I'm going to get a different fuel tank which will mount in the same spot). I wanted something that looked like an off-road bike, so it's got a high pipe. The engine is a grubee 50cc (lots less horsepower than the 70cc it seems, might be the fact that's it's geared a lot higher) Anyway, I've already lifted the jet needle one click to the third slot and it still seems lean. There's one click left but I'm going to watch the plug and hopefully it's OK now. This bike vibrates a LOT less than the OCC bike. I was going to call it the Stealth Bomber, but the kid thinks it should be called the Red Tailed Hawk. These bikes sure are fun to mess with.

I think you should go with stealth. Get a little square type fairing with cool angles on it. I do not think you should go with the off road look.
NICE! Do you notice any changes in performance with the pipe? Got the info on where you got the pipe and a price?

I like Red Tailed Hawk as the name.

Right on! 8) I think it looks great just the way you have it. Solid, beefy, and stealthy.
Happy :mrgreen:
pipe info

The pipe is the run of the mill pocket bike pipe off of E-Bay w/ a little cutting/welding required. I just bought 2 for $33 w/shipping (the first one was $21 w/shipping, the second one only added about $12). Of course, I had to re-jet the bike because the pipe flows a lot more. I think I finally got it jetted right this afternoon (clip in third slot from the top w/3 washers under it). Seems to run really well now and the plug looks good, although it's a little loud. Pulls pretty good when it comes on the pipe. I like this bike a lot more than the Schwinn, less vibration, smoother ride and faster cruise speed. This Grubee motor runs and idles great. I can see riding this bike the 13 miles to work if I had to. Currently have about 15 miles on it, so far so good (lots of Lok-Tite). I bought this motor from someone on E-bay (was a good deal) while I was waiting for my King motor to show up. After inspecting both motors, I decided to use this one. The King motor is obviously a lower quality unit (back-lash on the gear reduction unit is pathetic sloppy with only about half tooth engagement, what the heck is with that? and the castings are more than crude, bummer). Not sure if I'm even going to use it, might just sell it to be rid of it. I hope the rest of you guys have better luck with the quality of your King motors. I personally, based on what I've seen, would not recommend the King motor if you're willing to spend a few bucks more for a better quality motor. The Schwinn chopper has a Tiger motor that is very similar to the Grubee and so far seems to be running well. There are real differences between motors from different vendors from what I've seen.
hey Tim... Nice bike :D I think the pocket bike pipes work really well on these engines, that is if you can set the carb right.

thanks again for the muffler! you did a great job :D I need one or two washers under the needle yet but the muffler rocks. Also, the new mount on my occ works awesome too! There is a bit of rubber under the mount, but it doesn't wiggle as we had thought! The vibrations are pretty well eliminated and I can hit 45mph on a good day with only mild butt-numbness 8) It is a little more difficult to adjust the engines position with the muffler. I had to bend it alittle with the help of my firends, but over all it is a big performance boost. My engine still is smoothing out with every ride.

Thanks again for the awesome pipe. Call me if you wanna race someday :cool: EDIT: Im sorry I just reread my post and I meant to write 35 mph not 45. Thats kinda crazy sorry for the Confusion :???:
Patch, glad that pipe's working out for you. I sure like them more than the cans that come in these kits. The jetting on my new bike actually has the jet needle (with the washers) about 1/2 a click below the last notch in the needle (equivalent to 4-1/2 notches from the top). That's a bunch more fuel than the stock setup uses (there goes the gas mileage!). I moved the clip once from the second notch to the third, but those clips are kinda cheesy, so figured it'd be safer to just put washers under the clip rather than move it again. I've got three washers about .020" thick each under the clip. Keep an eye on your plug, I like mine to be a dark tan color (just a little ways from being black/sooty looking). These Chinese motors don't have much for cooling fins on them, so I'd rather be running a little rich than lean. If your bike is running 45 MPH, you'd kick my butt with this 50cc bike, so I think I'll pass on the race.......'til I can find the 250cc conversion kit :eek:

i like the flat black! it'll heat up pretty fast