law in colorado

a: Them putting it on an Adobe file PROVES they have no clue. :???:

b: If the experts, US :eek: can't figure out what's what, I defy any lawyer to prove anything for a jury.

c: That $18 is more important to YOU, than them....

Plead ignorance, always works for me. :cool:

We have motorAssisted Bicycles. Not Motorized.

Motorized Bicycles are those that are Motorized. That means...They were Motorized from the Start . They were never pedal bicycles. Not ever. They came from the factory with a motor on them and are motorized and the motor is their main if not their only mode of propulsion.

A Motor-assisted bicycle is that which was a bicycle first and then a motor added to then assist it. Thus..Motor Assisted bicycle and is still a bicycle under Federal Regulations, provided you adhear to the size of engine and top speed. A motor assised Bicycle has pedalling as its main source of propulsion and the motor is there only to assist. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride..

Tip...If you build a motor assisted bicycle , keep it looking like a bicycle . Choppers and mini harleys look cool but do not look like bicycles and will attract too much attention and usually trouble from police as well since they do not look like a bicycle. Just a tip to reduce trouble with police. Police are typicall pretty cool and if you are riding a bicycle and it looks like a bicycle, typically they will not bother you at all. I know..I have been by at least 400 cops, I even putt around them on sidewalks, and they never give me trouble. The First time I rode my chopper, I was stopped and read the riot act !! Kill your motor and pedal it home was the rule on my chopper. So..there you have it. Street knowledge.