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    In Israel every police station has a different opinion as to the law. And the Israel Tranportation Ministry is the last place to ask!

    Does anyone know what is the definitive law in Israel as to sub 50km/h sub 45cc petrol-driven bicycles on the road: do they require the driver to have a moped license?

    Are there any countries that require such a vehicle for the driver to have a license? Does the UK?

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    I'm sorry but I think YOU are destined to be mbc's expert on Israeli regulations since you're the first one (I think) here.

    Here in the USA most of us just ride and the police don't seem to care. (In some places it is specifically legal. In a few places it's not. In most, it's not clear.) Our feeling is that the police just don't care as long as we're not a nuisance. We seem to be right about that.

    Hopefully your experience will be similar.
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    I think a MB would be super cool cruising the streets in Tel Aviv. Parking is horrible and the traffic is reasonable. Jerusalem might be a bit scary. From my limited experience with the police there, they are mostly kids so they would appreciate the cool factor.