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    Basically the power output from the magneto has to 200-watts!

    However the law for motorized bikes can get very technical in interpretation....meaning if you follow all the traffic-laws and bicycle laws and keep your speed between 30 and 40ks then the authorities will leave you alone! Unless of course you have to deal with envious mind-sets and self-important gossip-mungerers then you'll have probs anyway! Using the marked bicycle-tracks where you live will also help!!

    A motorized bike is a bicycle and everything has to be maintained and working properly, especially the cranks and pedals as that is why its a bicycle. For LAW here anything with an engine on it that does not have functioning cranks and pedals is illegal otherwise it needs road registration and a license! That includes: motorized scooters, pocket-bikes...etc, and if you are caught riding one of these make sure you have at least a helmet being most people I know caught have not been fined because they were wearing a properly fitted helmet!

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    Bicycle laws & Motorized bike RTA laws: link below: