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  1. Keith Williams

    Just now · Bartlesville, OK

    I bit the bullet and mowed my yard the 1st time today. I am always in awe over the tremendous power of my 21" self-propelled 2-cycle Lawnboy. I was running through damp 8" grass and weeds and it NEVER bogged and started first pull. I bought it for $165 from a guy that maintains the park mowers in Tulsa and rebuilds old LB 2-strokes to sell. He re-jets the carbs for greater power output and they are awesome. I will say, I let it sit under my sailboat all winter and the coil took on moisture. It spent 1 hr. on low in a crockpot and was good to go. You couldn't beat one for power and dependability. If anyone is interested I might be able to dredge up his phone number.

  2. james65

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    I use a 4.75 hp lawnboy and the bike flies. Was going to put a larger LB but just no need for it.