laws for motorized bicycles in Mexico

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  1. jimmyglitter

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    Hi there:
    Does anyone know the laws in regards to using a motorized bicycle in Mexico? I thought it would be great to fly down with a ht engine kit and put it on a bicycle when I get there. Would it have to be registered?
    Jimmy glitter

  2. Mountainman

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    not sure where you are from ?

    it would be nice to have one of those Calif motorized bicycle plates
    they like Calif -- to them it = MONEY

    I live very close to Mexico
    it's all about money down there
    if stopped by one of their corrupt pooolice officers
    EXPECT TO PAY SOMETHING directly to them on the spot
    this is always better than to let them take you in to jail -- cost more
    that's what Mexico is all about these days

    over 800 killed in Tijauna this year
    there is a BIG drug war fight going on down there
    kidnapping of Americans is VERY HIGH ON THEIR LIST
    doubt that you will make it through -- without being robbed

    ride that THING

    ride that thing
  3. Happy Valley

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    MMan just about nailed it.

    I've spent A LOT of time in MX, lived there for 8 years once, years ago.

    The first time you'll get robbed is when some customs agent impounds the engine.
  4. Mountainman

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    yes HV so sad but so true
    sorry to say -- it has even gotten much, much worse down there in just the
    last few years. Some of those wanted for drug charges have brothers
    holding HIGH government positions.
    Mexico is a big mess -- an American would not wish to get caught up
    in anyTHING down there at this time -- our consulate in Mexico is
    powerless at this time...

    Ride That Thing