Laws in Austin,TX and San marcos, tx

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    OK guys I decided to do some crazy research because I wanted to build a bike without someone giving me lashings for it. I spoke to the DPS, TxDot, and the Austin PD...this is what I got directly from all of them working together to give me this answer. Based on the laws because it is a gray area what they told me based on the Texas Code chapter 551 it is only illegal "IF THERE IS A CITY ORDINANCE THAT MAKES THEM ILLEGAL IN THAT CITY". So, in Texas there is no engine limit but it cannot exceed 30mph. And every city in Texas it is legal but just don't screw it up in your city to make that city have an ordinance against them. so all you crazy MB don't come to austin or San Marcos because I've already gotten a green light from both. I've also gotten the green light from Texas State university PD.

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    Austin, San Mucus, New Braunfels, are considered an oasis of sanity in the middle of a gauntlet of insanity.It's good to hear it's cool there, though riding is going to be some sketchy fun (traffic!).What build are you going with, I'm just remembering the hilly road that goes by the drama dept at SWT (Hopkins?) and RR12, make sure you have good brakes at least, and use the train shortcuts.
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    I have had no bad experiences with law enforcement in my part of TX (Katy).
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