Laws in Maryland?

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by T-BONE, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    I heard that in many states it is legal to operate a motorized vehicle on the street with out a license as long as it is under 50cc is this true for maryland? Also any other info about MD laws on these kinds of things would be apreciated.

  2. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    You must have a valid Maryland drivers license; no dui or dwi suspended or otherwise. Perfectly legal to ride under 50cc.
  3. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    Do MBs have any different traffic laws than cars?
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    obey all known laws -- until told other

    not sure about your state

    but -- be sure to obey all laws that pertain to cars, motor bikes and bicycles

    I think that covers it for now -- ride that thing
  5. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    i was just curios if you were supposed to ride it like a bike (stay in shoulder and out of the way of cars) or if you should be in the lanes with the cars and ride it more like a motor cycle
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hi T-Bone

    stay to the right side of the road -- like a bicycle

    unless you have the SPEED to be more in the center of the lane with the cars

    at this time -- while you are not real sure of yourself and your motor bike

    please -- be very careful as you -- RIDE THAT THING
  7. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    Do these need to have lights to be street legal? And what about riding it on the high way (not in the lanes of course) is that a no no?
  8. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Don't know about Maryland, but most places a cycle has to be over 125ccs to be on a highway- a limited access highway, at least....and if it were me, I would stick to back roads.

    It's not really about legal- it's about safety.
  9. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    I wasnt really planning on taking it on the high way I was just curious.
  10. n8ygn

    n8ygn Member

    answer for Tbone

    I work in Frederick Md. just off of 85 and there are several young guys that ride scooters to work. They said has to be under 50cc and under 30mph and a licensed driver I live in WV the laws are different there.
  11. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    Does that meen that the top speed cant be over 30mph or your just not legally allowed to take it over that?
  12. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    What about 50cc dirt bikes? Would those be street legal?
  13. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    If it has a multi speed transmission it must be registered to be on the a word, NO.
  14. T-BONE

    T-BONE New Member

    So would that mean that the shifter kits would make MB illegal?
  15. ballentinesr

    ballentinesr New Member

    Greetings all. Anyone in MD registered a motorized bicycle since the new moped laws were enacted? Just wondering how that's supposed to work. Thanks, Jon, Hagerstown