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    A friend of mine was stopped yesterday by a Deputy Sheriff, and was told that Motorized Bikes were going to be banned in the State of Florida, and then could only be used on private property....Does anyone know anything about this or is this deputy just blowing smoke?

  2. DuctTapedGoat

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    He's blowing smoke. They can't just "decide", there would have to be a proposition, votes, and then an amendment (if it passes).

    Looks to me as though there's just a 20mph cap to FL riders, and that motor assisted bicycles are accepted. There's not even a "motored bicycle/motor assisted bicycle" definition, motored bicycles are SPECIFICALLY included in the definition of a BICYCLE.

    As well, there isn't a 2011 ballot even LISTED yet, so there's no saying what's going to happen. Perchance some FL riders can get together to pose an amendment protecting motored bicycles? Before, of course, worst case scenario occurs.
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    Remember you can always register the Bike as a Moped and not get hassled.
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    It depends on what YOU consider a "motorized bike"
    Gas = Register as a moped and have a DL
    Electric UNDER 20mph = No Reg or DL needed.
    Electric CAPABLE of 20mph+ unassisted = same as gas.

    There are MULTIPLE threads about this.
    The other question is, what county are you speaking of?