laws in the UK? ANYONE?

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    Does anyone know anything about the laws in the UK?
    I had a little pink girls bike with a Sthil chainsaw engine and i never got stoped by the police(i only road it for 30 mins but the cops are everywhere so i stoped riding it)
    what do i need to make it legal or is it legal already? its less than 50cc but it goes about 45mph max but not for long(no one needs to know that bit :evilgrin:) i used to cross my street in 42secs!(its one mile long=42mph
    does any one has any experiense with the cops over here? they are really tight!
    thanks and have a good time because im not having it now! :(

  2. seanhan

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    Is that bike a friction drive ?
  3. G-Superior

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    yes it was a friction drive(making another one now with a 1960s BSA woman bike. its gonna look like a solex bike!)
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