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  1. does anyone now what the law is in colorado and maybe a website where i could find it ive looked but can only find stuff on mopeds

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    The only laws I have found on motor assisted bicycles are in NYC and Boulder City in Colorado..And that is it. Period. From what I can tell, they are un regulated everywhere else. But..I am sure if you do something the cops do not like, they will find a moped, scooter, or motorized bicycle law they will try to apply to you. Tip....Be cool. Abide by traffic laws that apply to bicycles, and when in doubt, salute !!! That means...Hit the kill switch and pedal. Enjoy the ride...
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    the way I found out what the local laws are around here was I asked a cop they all carry the vehicle laws look under bicycle then the sub category motor assist around here the law was put on the books in 1903 we do not need licence registration or insurance the bike is NOT A MOPED!! it is a motor assisted bike that is where a lot of people make their mistake when looking up the laws...........we have to follow all the bike laws and I do recommend wearing a helm it really saved my head one day and do get a good head light so you can see at night it is just as important that you can see as it is for others to see you.


    "Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
    ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands.") -
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD).

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    When in doubt, bluff......

    I also have talked to cops, who are friendly and interested, especially if I ask where the mayor lives so I can get them on bikes to save patrol petrol.

    It is really early in the game, we need to "never litter", "leave only footprints", shop with local business owners, pay a little more for a small tool or supplies, not exactly "boycott" Wal-Mart, because we need toner ink, but use local folks when possible.

    I have gone long periods without Big Mac's, the locally owned "all you can eat lunch buffet" is part of my See America for $10 a Day Principle.

    However, if you do get a ticket, DEMAND A JURY AND SUBPEONA EVERY POLITICIAN YOU CAN. We are "the answer", not the problem.

    I am sure there will be enough legal firepower amongst this forum membership to tie any traffic court in knots for decades to come. Bicycles are right after hot air balloons in transportation evolution, so the 1903 Law Cited will do UNTIL somebody drags up something better/earlier, that says WE OWN THE BACK ROADS, AUTOS HAVE TO GIVE RIGHT OF WAY, JUST LIKE TOWARD PEDESTRIANS......

    I apologize for "radicalism", but I say "Not Guilty", careless/stupid might be a crime, but riding responsibly is "legal immunity".
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    WOW Paul I thought I got out there but man you take the cake :) thing the cops around here want to do is have those that get DWI"S lose their licence and have to use the motorised bikes (the only one they can hurt is themselves ). There is a bike patrol for cops that you can get the info on but I lost the web site a bike cop is a hell of a lot cheeper to equip than a car and the bike cop has it's place soooo do your research and make a proposal to the chief of police and the mayor and city council.

    As far as a Big Mac I have not had one in over 15 yrs. I like real food not hockey pucks.

    If you go to :

    Laws Save Lives (MO) > Promote Cyclists Rights > The MultiSport Gear

    this is what most state laws are but it is also a cool shirt


    "Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
    ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands.") -
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD).
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    Interesting thing about Colorado bike laws.....

    When I got out there, and went to a concert up at State Bridge on the Colorado, via Vail along the interstate, REGULAR BIKES WERE ON THE INTERSTATE SHOULDER.

    Not one or two, but probably 50 (Memorial Day Weekend). I hear things are different West of the Rockies regarding Interstates.
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    I go by Moped laws to be safe, but thats no guarantee.

    In New Mexico we have pretty liberal laws requiring no hemet, insurance, registration, but a normal drivers license is required. And mopeds are classified as under 50cc so I don't worry about my 70-80cc bikes as no one could tell the difference between a 48cc and an 80.

    Also we don't even have to have our cars inspected....gotta love that.
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    Re: WOW

    That was one of my ideas when considering selling/promoting motor bikes. Go to your local probation office and ask the PO if he has any "clients" who need transportation.

    Also I'm one of those clean and sober 12 steppers and I run into guys daily who lost thier license.

    gotta start building more bikes........ :mrgreen:
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    Somehow, in my clicking, I get daily Google alerts about "motorized bikes",

    only 2 seem recent and relevant, at or around Oct. 2

    a Tuscon AZ crackdown

    a Topeka KS "grey area" about electric bikes, go over 30mph, no transmission.

    This just seems to be a good place to put our legalese.....I can already tell this forum is twice as smart as any town council.....
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    Cookie was mentioning elsewhere how the EPA scuttled importation of engines last year, and TWalker was talking about how to get parts for them in another topic. But there wasn't enough organization of users to fight EPA, gain exemptions.

    Remember, parts are tariff proof (I think both ways, into a country/out of a country), while kits are prone to wholesale bans.

    But the same thing on restrictions, we can't let Tucson become the model for lazy town councils to simply "copy/paste" and enact without discussion.
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    Heres a new one....Minneapolis

    Minneapolis 10/7/06

    Crackdown on mo-ped laws....College campus
    Loophole-police definition "like any other motorized vehicle"
    Bike shop owner "outdated, defined as having pedals, and those kind haven't been sold in 15 years".

    MoBikes- can be propeled with engine off, as bicycle
    MoPeds- have to be walked with engine off, like a wheelbarrow.
  12. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    Re: Heres a new one....Minneapolis

    Thats the beauty of a motorized bike. Say you have a mountain bike with motor and riding around town and you are questioning its legality or the judgement/knowledge of motorized bikes laws of the policeman you see coming at you. I have found myself pulling in my clutch and start pedaling or just pedaling along with the motor.

    The police in question might not even notice it has a motor on it and pass right by rather than stop you or question its legality. He has likely never seen one before but if he/she sees you pedaling and riding safely your not likely to be stopped.

    In other words: many case scenarios you can pass as a bicycle from a distance and not garner too much attention.

    You can't do this on a regular moped.
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    Right on that, ergo mo-ped doesn't apply to definition. BECAUSE:::

    Follow this one now: LIABILITY

    Mo-Ped purchased as one unit.
    Mo-Bike- Has to be voluntarily assembled.

    The nano-second you tap to drill the first hole for modification, you have VOIDED ANY WARRANTY ON THE BICYCLE, and voluntarily assumed liabiltiy for damages caused by accident. Insurance (and this part is bogus I think), can't insure for theft, won't bother with the paperwork involved because the monetary damages would be minute...

    Case history: some fat lady took a demo ride on C.'s bike, banged into a wall, all liability was ????. GEICO? No way.....

    Also, supposedly there was $5 billion dollars set aside in the LAST energy bill passed (2004? 05?) We need to find that, can't be very long, see if all is dedicated to paving projects OR is some available to non-profit groups to use as a project to study "further uses".

    I "heard" the money is so "available" that guys in the frigid north got some to race snowmobiles (using spiked tires) on frozen lakes, to "study" a "further use", i.e. crossing frozen lakes.

    We get all this neat and pat, put under a new topic called "MoBike Law- Federal supercedes all", you find yourself in a trooper's car being questioned, swing his computer around, find our site click on the "approved by the forum laws applied to MoBikes", click on it and say "Look, Officer Fife, read it for yourself"..
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    mmmm. ...can't follow that.

    If my state law says: "moped" means a two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle with an automatic transmission and a motor having a piston displacement of less than fifty cubic centimeters, which is capable of propelling the vehicle at a maximum speed of not more than thirty miles per hour on level ground at sea level."

    I'm pretty sure the cop doesn't give a rats behind whether I voided the bicycle manufacturers warranty or if I assembled it myself. He'll write me a ticket for whatever and tell me to talk to the judge. I for one don't have time to go to court.

    Of course if I decided to contest it and take it to court I could make some arguments such as that, probably a waste of time. But if the law states what it states I will comply to the best of my ability. I am a lucky one though I live in a state where I have to comply with little in order to ride a "moped" .

    I consider my bike a moped to be on the safe side because I figure a cop would as well.

    I've never been stopped or questioned but when the time comes I would like to point to the moped laws and say I am complying with these officer. Instead of trying convince him that this is not a moped but a vehicle with pedals and a motor. After all Im already using a motor 70-80cc which would in actuality be classified as a motorcycle.

    Does that make sense?
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    In California, all gas powered bicycle are considered mopeds, even if they have the same specification as electric bicycles(anything that can't go more than 20mph unassisted, under 1000 watts of power output). Only difference being that electric bicycles are excempt from the usualy registration/lincense/insyrance because it uses ana lectric motor. I emeailed my assembly members and state senators, and even my congresswoman. She said its a good idea and supports my suggestion that gas powered bicycles with the same specifications as electric bicycles should not be required to have the usual stuff, but alas, she can't change it since she's can't change the law in the state. She did assure me that she will look more into it and will support it in Congress if its on the floor.
  16. Cookie

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    As the current supreme court takes and applies European law to the constitution my be we can use European law for the bikes....

    Wall Auto Wheel

    The cyclemotor, or motorised bicycle, dates back to the dawn of motor cycling in the last years of the 19th century, but the boom period for these machines was undoubtedly the 1950s. The cyclemotors of this period usually consisted of a small engine (under 50cc) that could be attached to a normal bicycle. The positions used by different manufacturers were many and various: above the front wheel; above, alongside or inside the rear wheel; or between the pedals are typical examples. The final drive was often a roller rubbing on the bicycle tyre but other, more positive, transmissions were used. The NACC caters for enthusiasts of cyclemotors from all periods from the 1890s to the 1960s, but it is the 1950s that the majority of our members is interested in.

    Some Notable Makes of Cyclemotor
    Probably the most well known of the cyclemotors, the Cyclemaster was a complete powered wheel that was substituted for a bicycle's normal rear wheel. The earliest models had a 25.7cc engine; this was increased to 32cc for later versions. Nearly a quarter of a million of these machines were built in the UK between 1950 and the early 1960s; several other countries also produced their own versions of the Cyclemaster.

    Another popular type, built under licence in England by Trojan to an Italian design. The 49.9cc Mini-Motor was mounted above the cycle's rear wheel and drove it by friction roller.

    Mounted in the same position as the Mini-Motor and also using a roller drive, there were two models of Power Pak: the Standard and the Synchromatic, which had the sophistication of a twist-grip operated clutch.
  17. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    (There is a lot more information about mopeds available in the NACC archive.)

    1961 Paloma moped
    The moped is still a familiar machine on our roads today and needs little explanation. The first mopeds originated in main-land Europe during the mid-1950s and soon ousted their predecessors, the autocycles and cyclemotors, from the market-place. UK Legal definitions of the moped have changed over the years and nowadays encompass almost any under 50cc motor cycle. However, the NACC caters for the traditional type of moped with pedals.

    Moped Manufacturers
    Introduced to Britain from Europe during the mid-1950s, machines such as the NSU Quickly and Mobylette were quick to catch on. British makers such as Norman, Phillips and Raleigh were soon building their own mopeds to compete. There were very many different makes of moped produced during the 1950s and '60s although many of them used the same engines such as Sachs, JLO and Rex. Surviving examples of some of the more obscure manufacturers' products are quite rare nowadays.
  18. Cookie

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    The nano-second you tap to drill the first hole for modification, you have VOIDED ANY WARRANTY ON THE BICYCLE, and voluntarily assumed liabiltiy for damages caused by accident. Insurance (and this part is bogus I think), can't insure for theft, won't bother with the paperwork involved because the monetary damages would be minute...

    First off I do not drill any holes in any of the bikes I make I do not like to weaken the fram as it will take a lot of abuse and vibration unless you use a dampening goop like I do.

    My bike is still under warrenty and I take it in for it's tunup every 6 mts.

    You are right about the insurance you can not insure a bike but when I got hit by that SUV they paid me 3,000 for my bike (I used the whizzer price as the replacement ). The advantage is in this state as in a lot of others you are protectd under the biker laws so unless you get realllllly blond the car is at fault it is the share the road laws .

    As far as any other type of insurance if you are going to be building and selling these bikes it would be smart like any buisness to have liability insurance like any biz. Zuric is pretty good for biz insurance.

  19. Cookie

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    I found a site with all the sates laws and some countries.....CO

    Colorado Moped Laws
    Moped Definition
    A motorized bicycle is a vehicle with two or three wheels that has an automatic transmission, a cylinder capacity less than 50c.c., and cannot excede 30mph on a level surface. Vehicles not fitting the definition of a moped are classified as motorcycles

    Moped Registration
    Every moped needs to be registered with its stamped identification number. They need to be registered with the State Department of Revenue for a fee of $5.00, and the registration lasts for three years. The decal received upon registration must be placed in a conspicuous place on the frame of the moped. No license plate is required for mopeds.

    Moped Licensing Information
    Operator's of moped's must possess a valid minor or standard driver's license. Mopeds are allowed to be operated in any bike lanes if the operator has a valid driver's license.

    Other Moped Laws
    Any moped operated on a public road where moped travel is permitted must abide by all normal traffic rules. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Proof of Insurance
    Forward facing light visible from 500 feet away
    Rear facing reflector or lamp. A reflector must be visible from as far as 300 feet away. A lamp must be visible from 500 feet away
    Must have a horn or audio device that can be heard from 100 feet away
    An affixed brake that would skid if used on a dry surface
    Mopeds are always subject to local laws and ordinances where they are being operated
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    If the local constible askes the motor is a 48cc