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    hi from lazy bike we are a smaller company in orange county ca.
    our bike and kits are are the best on the market today!
    we stand behind each and every one.
    we will be there if and when you need help.!

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    we have what you need check pics in gallery
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    To lazybikeusa

    Hey man you got me there! I've only been up since 3;30 this morning!Working till late this afternoon only to take another look at my cool *** bike and to find I gotta find a solution to make it the coolest bike I can live with! So you make jokes! I'm pretty sure the joke is on your bike!!!! This is just one of my last friction drive bikes I built to make me happy!!!!!

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  4. lazybikeusa

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    hi from lazybikeusa
    our bike are fast and dependable we sell them complete.
    we can install a motor on your bike. this way we can guarantee them
    we use 49cc motors friction drives with a clutch!
    check out our site
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    hi from lazybike. yes .we have
    been selling bikes for two years we do custom installs.
    we have not sold as a kit yet. we like every to be an work perfect.
    most bikes are differant and most people don't have the tools and
    or the skills, we build them to last!
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    great oppertunity

    hi all
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