Leaf Springs Fullsuspension Boardtracker-style

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    Hey Everyone,

    We are working on a homage of the motorcycles/motorized bicycles of app. 1915 to 1945. Switzerland has a lot of vintage mopeds/mofas, which are still part of daily commute over here.
    Throwing in a regular bicycle frame a engine . . . well, for a few reasons (law restrictions), newer motorized bicycles haven't realy been big over here - yet!!!

    Our present Prototyp-work:
    - Custom Frame, Boardtracker-style, leaf springs rear end, 100% functional
    - Custom Fork (135mm wide), leaf springs, 100% functional
    - Custom Leaf Springs made in Switzerland by my buddy (custom leaf springs)
    - Front wheel has rear hub, that will give us two different rear sprocket settings, as well as a fast repair option on the road, if rear hub is giving up.
    - Vintage style motorcycle rims and tires (made in Germany) 2.75x16inch, on Bicycle Steel Hubs
    - Sweet Engine from ROCKSOLIDENGINES (FAST!!!)
    - Every Pivotpoint has industrial bearings, where needed with the "good, old" grease guard nipples
    - Custom Tank between Toptube and Second Toptube

    We are just getting in all the tubing and parts to start this project. Great winterproject, just started to snow! Guess first testride will be on "Spike-Tires"!? :)

    Anyway, we will post some pics of the build up as soon as we started!

    "Gruezi" from Switzerland!
    Cheers, Tom Richter

    PS: Wicked Forum!!!

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    CLOUD HUNTER first scratch

    Hey furament,

    This is the first scratch. Just finished on the weekend. On this the rims are 17inch! We will go for 16inch rims, this will give us some extra clearence for the suspension and it will look a bit more compact!?

    Tubing and Parts are ordered. Can not wait to start that one!

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    now ive see that done on old indian clones bigger thain a bike but thats gunna be kool i want to to set up the same idea for the front end of mine but i almoast need to see the spring mount to the forks in steel u know
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    Only steel is real! All out of good old steel.