Leafblower Powered Bike

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    Here are some pics of my bike. I made this 5 years ago or so in about 8 hours (with many mods later on to get it running consistently) but it still works well today. It uses a 32cc Mcculloch engine from a leafblower. I've gotten it to max out at about 29mph on a slight downhill. It's really fun to zip around the neighborhood on it. I have some videos on my website: http://www.thewidgetforge.com/projects/motorbike/finished.html

    Let me know what you think!

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  2. That is sweet. 100% home fabricated, no kit necessary. Not many people have the confidence to just go for it like that.
  3. Iwannagofast

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    pretty sweet, I tried somthing like that but the spindle ended up bending the motor shaft and it never ran.