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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Dillon Brown, Jul 14, 2016.

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    Hello everyone. My name is Dillon and I just finished my build. The bike has a 142f 49cc Huasheng 4 stroke on it. the carb is the one that comes stock with the kits. Still in break in phase and I haven't pushed the bike much more than half throttle the whole time. On the third day, after 4 miles or so, I noticed gas was steadily trickling out of the carb's overflow tube. After turning it off, it had a very tough time starting and it would really only start when i gave it a decent amount of throttle. If i can get it started, it seems to idle fine when I have the petcock turned off preventing any gas from getting to the carb. I did some research and i had figured it might have been that the float was stuck in the carb, but upon disassembly, it did not appear to be stuck. Any advice? Would this have anything to do with the fuel adjustment screw? I have messed with that some, but no luck.


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    Have you seen this video? Also, try to carefully do a dissemble and reassemble of the carburetor based on that video. Carefully, check the pin and the float. The fuel adjustment screw does nothing for carb fuel overflow.

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    Ok. Thanks for the quick response and the video! I have taken it apart and couldn't see any sign of damage to the float. Everything seemed clean and working properly. I have yet to put it back on and try it out. Wish me luck!
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    I agree with bakaneko, sounds like you have a something keeping your needle open flooding the carb, makes the engine run too rich. opening the throttle at this point won't give you more gas, just air, leaning it out allowing it to fire up. Shutting off the fuel supply allows it to run on what's left with no suction pulling more in, once more leaning it out till it dies. My bet is if you cleaned the carb good and took care putting it back together you should be back in business.