leaky gas cap?



i haven't upgraded the gas cap at all, but when you tip it it leaks gas a lot. I was wondering if someone made one that didn't leak when tipped, but still let air in the tank.

A quality moped cap should treat you right, you could even get a locking one.
My gas cap is the one that came with the kit, and also leaked when the tank was full. However, I've fixed the problem without replacing the cap. There is a rubber washer under the cap that is supposed to seal to the tank filler, and I installed an additional rubber "O" ring between the cap and the original rubber gasket, which essentially tightens the seal.
Perhaps a cork gasket will fix your leak right up. Its easy to cut out.
the new caps do have a vent and i think they have a one way valve that lets air out but if you tip it no gas leaks.